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LED aluminum profiles are extruded aluminum channels with plastic diffusion for LED strip lights. This lighting material has caused a revolution in the way people are using LED strip lights and has benefits for LED strips and space lighting. The demand for LED aluminum profiles has grown exponentially, and many manufacturers and suppliers have doubled their efforts in providing quality LED aluminum profiles.

As one of the leading manufacturers of LED aluminum profiles in Foshan, China, TAGNOOLED realizes the need to keep introducing LED profiles of high quality and advanced design. TANGOO LED aluminum profiles keep the most scientific design and are made of high-quality materials. Each finished product meets CE, RoHS quality standard. The aluminum extrusion part is made of 6063A T5 alloy, and the plastic part is made of brand PC material such as Pan-lite and Bayer.

An LED aluminum profile is a kind of environmentally friendly lighting material. It doesn’t contain any harmful substances. It is safe for residential lighting, commercial lighting and any indoor space lighting. The LED aluminum profile has become a very popular lighting material due to its advantages.

LED aluminum profiles work as heat sinks and prolong the lifespan of LED strip lights. An LED aluminum profile draws the heat generated by LED strip lights during operation and dissipates it away to the air through the profile’s surfaces. By this Led aluminum profile improves heat dissipation and prolongs the lifespan of LED strip lights.

LED aluminum profiles can improve the aesthetics of lighting and easily form different lighting shapes. The aesthetic appearance of the improved linear lighting by the LED aluminum profiles can also create wonderful lighting shapes for a space. An LED aluminum profile’s contours can increase the layering of the indoor environment. Making lighting shapes with LED aluminum profiles is easy, as their ends can be cut into different angles for angled connections, forming squares, triangles, or other shapes.

LED aluminum profiles are designed to be connectable. It can freely achieve different lengths by connecting several pieces together. If the project needs short aluminum profiles, it is easy to cut shorter. Thanks to this flexibility, LED aluminum profiles can be used successfully for any lighting space.

TANGOOLED has about 200 different types of LED aluminum profiles that can be adopted for any linear lighting use. In order to keep up with the development of the LED lighting, they keep designing new products that are based on market surveys and customers’ feedback. TANGOOLED’s products are deeply loved by consumers.


TANGOOLED is one of the top LED aluminum profile suppliers in Foshan, China. The company business started in 2011 and over the years, they connected with clients worldwide and nationwide. They provided customers with excellent service and high-quality LED aluminum profile products. To know more about the company, visit its website at or contact its sales team through:

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Top LED Aluminum Profile Manufacturer Supplies the Best LED Aluminum Profiles–TANGOOLED