Prioritising Skincare, Mental Health And Innovation, FOREO Is The First Ever Skincare Brand To Launch Their New Range In NFT Form Before Conventional Launch

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Stockholm, September 19: Trends are not new to the beauty industry and with the popularity of digital tokens and blockchain technology, there is now a whole new platform for innovation. Taking advantage of the potential and bringing fantastic opportunities to beauty fans everywhere, FOREO has partnered with the talented NFT designer Mariam to release not one, but five different NFTs before the launch of the new LUNA 4 skincare collection – and they are the first to do so.


As a Swedish beauty-tech disruptor, FOREO believes in the accessibility of high-end skincare products. Customers can now get involved with the LUNA range right there on the blockchain. Each of the five NFTs has 50 variations, so enthusiasts can select their favourite from 250 limited edition NFTs. There’s more good news – there is going to be a separate launch of just one special edition NFT, which will be sold at auction (this represents the stand-out product of the LUNA 4 range and will be signed by Mariam herself).

With Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO hoping to increase awareness of the impact of unrealistic beauty standards, destigmatize skin conditions and shed light on the mental health issues associated with the pressures of the beauty industry, FOREO is donating all the proceeds from the sale of the NFTS to charities that have these principles in mind. The three chosen are: Tjejzonen, Hope Givers and the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

FOREO believes that they have a responsibility to bring skincare to their audiences via as many avenues as possible, and being the first to offer NFTs is certainly going to generate interest. There is a real community mindset and building a trusted network for men and women of all ages – and bridging the gap between a healthy approach to self-care, mental health and technology is just one of the ways that FOREO is giving back.

The beauty industry has two sides; one that’s inclusive, beautiful and supportive and one that promotes unhealthy face and body conventions that are simply unattainable. When individuals aren’t happy with what’s on the outside, there often comes turmoil on the inside. As visual content is becoming more shareable than ever, it’s important for companies to shift the balance. When brands and consumers work together, a new golden standard for beauty is right around the corner and this is where the LUNA 4 collection is stepping into the fray.

What to expect from the LUNA 4 collection: the world’s best-selling facial cleansing bush is now even better than ever before. Upgraded features include:

  • Softer silicone touchpoints
  • Deep and gentle cleansing modes with five different massage settings
  • NIR LED light with heat and microcurrent technology

Each of these promotes better circulation, natural collagen production, reduced cellulite and more, with instantaneous results.

With cutting-edge LED light therapy, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations, the range has all the capabilities of premium skincare products at an affordable price. A full facial treatment will take around six minutes and only has three steps for spa-level results. Start with the LUNA 3 for 1-minute facial cleansing, followed by the UFO 2 for a supercharged 2-minute facial and finish with BEAR, the safest microcurrent device on the market, for an amazing, energizing facial powerhouse.

Let FOREO take care of your skin, so you can take care of yourself.

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