Serenity Shield Signs A Strategic Partnership With Digital Insights

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Serenity Shield, a cutting-edge Web 3 digital assets management platform, has formed a strategic alliance with Digital Insights, a Singapore-based digital consultancy, and venture firm, to streamline and improve digital asset and rights management. The strategic partnership aims to provide economic, financial, marketing, and commercial protection to Serenity Shield users. Hence, accelerating the platform’s development and adoption.

The partnership announced this week between Digital Insights and Serenity Shield will allow the latter to provide long-term support.  That in the area of commercial deployment of its product, business development, and marketing assistance. Because of the merger of Digital Insights and Serenity Shield, announced this week, Serenity Shield will be able to provide long-term support for the commercial implementation of its solution and assist with business growth and marketing.

What Is Serenity Shield?

Serenity Shield is cryptocurrency asset management software that allows users to recover seed words and safeguard their wallets against theft or hacking. Serenity Shield is a blockchain-based bridge connecting the traditional financial world with the cryptocurrency world for insurance firms or other corporations as digital assets and tokenization expand and become more widely used.

For several years, the community of people who invest in digital assets has been trying to figure out how to pass on their assets to family members or friends in the event of sudden illness or death. Out of a sense of security, investors frequently decide to store their passwords and seed phrases in secret cold storage sites. However, in the event of an untimely death, these digital assets are either permanently lost or extremely difficult to locate.

Digital Insights hopes to improve the field of digital assets by encouraging collaboration and educating digital asset firms and holders. It aims to create an ecosystem of eager stakeholders collaborating with the local community to ensure true sustainability. DI has backed over 300 blockchain and FinTech startups since its inception, amassing and disseminating a wealth of knowledge about the industry’s legal, technological, and business aspects.

Serenity Shield Introduces the World’s First Cryptographic Sensitive Data Storage

Serenity Shield’s revolutionary approach to crypto inheritance and safe data storage solutions unveils the StrongBox Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP is currently available, and the final solution will include complete StrongBox functionality. This is a crucial step in realizing its aim of “access to security, privacy, and digital rights for all.”

Serenity Shield’s patent-pending StrongBox employs privacy-by-design. Users can utilize DApp technology to:

  • Store, maintain, and recover their data if they lose access to critical information. 
  • This might range from wallet access and digital assets to sensitive information and other associated papers. 
  • Transfer ownership of this information to expressly chosen successors, such as heirs, in the event of an accident or death of the user.

The solution ensures that all user data is secured and safeguarded against unwanted access. Serenity Shield has chosen Secret Network, a private smart contract blockchain technology, to store secret information. It provides essential security and privacy-by-design capabilities.

Finally, with the StrongBox, Serenity Shield provides a solution that is directly useable by end users. At the same time, being a preferred partner for business and financial institutions. Serenity Shield is a blockchain-based bridge between the traditional financial world and the crypto world for insurance organizations and corporations looking to enter the digital sphere.



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