Polygon Network Reports Apps on The Network Outpouring By 400%

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  • Polygon blockchain currently hosts 37,000 decentralized applications.
  • Polygon network had approximately 11,800 monthly active teams at the end of July. 
  • Polygon CEO Ryan Wyatt has expressed his excitement about the expansion.

The Polygon Network team made a public announcement in a blog post on August 10th. According to sources, Alchemy, a joint web3 development business, provided the information, and the statistic shows how many apps the blockchain has launched on the mainnet and testnet overall.

Polygon Network Has Over 37,000 DApps

The operational teams in the Polygon network are one example of the crypto sector, which is steadily increasing even though the crypto market is still in its winter. According to a blog post on the blockchain network, there were approximately 8,000 active teams monthly as of March of this year.

According to recent data, the network had approximately 11,800 monthly active teams at the end of July. Alchemy statistics show that 26% of teams deployed on Polygon and Ethereum, while 74% integrated primarily on Polygon. DApps on the Ethereum scaling platform Polygon have also outperformed their previous high.

According to recent research, the blockchain currently hosts 37,000 decentralized applications. It is a nearly two-fold increase from March and a fourfold increase from the start of the year. This number is expected to increase by 400% since the beginning of the year.

Polygon DApps

The project team mentioned difficulties with decentralized apps in their research. According to the report, the proof-of-stake blockchain is well-known for hosting decentralized apps from a number of notable initiatives, including Decentraland, the Metaverse platform’s Sandbox, and the NFT market OpenSea.

Animoca Brands, an NFT venture, and Aave, a DeFi financing portal, are two others. According to reports, the blockchain’s hosting functions are performed by its EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Furthermore, the decentralized apps on the Polygon blockchain are linked to approximately 142 million addresses.

These unique user addresses contain assets worth up to $5 billion safeguarded on the network, and the blockchain has already witnessed 1.6 billion transactions. These additional facts can also be found in the blog post.

Development of DApps on the Polygon Network

The Polygon team revealed the primary motivations for developing decentralized applications earlier this year. Polygon CEO Ryan Wyatt has expressed his excitement about the expansion.

In a tweet, he stated that the team is having a successful year for the business and that the collaboration with the Web3 development tool Alchemy aided DApp development. He also stated that the alliance makes it easier for Polygon developers to create decentralized apps.


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