OnlyCam — The Full-Stack Ecosystem That Will Disrupt the Adult World

OnlyCam is setting out to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry by leveraging blockchain to put creators and fans in full control.

You can subscribe for the ONLY token pre-sale at the OnlyCam website today and get in cheap on the ground floor of an exciting project in one of the most profitable sectors of the entertainment industry.

OnlyCam’s ambitious Adult 3.0 ecosystem ends rip-off fees, allows creators to generate passive income streams and guarantees IP ownership, while fans benefit from full transparency, privacy, censorship resistance and token rewards.

With OnlyCam’s decentralized network, creators and fans are in full control.

Remember when OnlyFans changed what was allowed on its platform with no consultation or warning, at a stroke threatening to destroy the businesses and income streams of users?

Well, that could never happen at OnlyCam, because of its leveraging of blockchain technology that delivers a decentralized network where trust and transparency are built in.

Solving adult entertainment industry problems

Banks and credit card companies consider adult content a high-risk sector; as a result, adult content creators pay significantly more in fees to process payments than most industries. Also, many major crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe ban adult entertainment companies and performers.

In the OnlyCam ecosystem, adult content creators can generate income streams, avoiding hefty fees currently charged by other platforms such as OnlyFans, PornHub, and pornographic content shared directly between performers and consumers. In addition, our platform also helps adult performers and creators to promote themselves effortlessly.

Less fees, more profits, no censorship, copyright for creators and real anonymity with blockchain payments.

Empowering a new era: Adult 3.0

New solutions to old problems

OnlyCam transactions carry a fee that is partially redistributed to holders. The more tokens owned the more rewards.

Token holder are appreciated

Another % of that fee is burned to reduce supply, which that helps maintain the value of the token.

Here are 4 reasons why OnlyCam is the next big thing in the adult entertainment industry

OnlyCam’s Advantages

1. Passive income

The OnlyCam platforms allow token holders to earn passive income effortlessly. Whenever someone makes a transaction on any platform across the OnlyCam network, every $ONLY token holder receives a part of the transaction to their wallet.

2. Shifting the balance of power

The adult entertainment industry is plagued with issues like lack of copyright laws, strict censorship rules, and lack of payment solutions. The OnlyCam ecosystem helps solve all these problems by eliminating the middlemen, cutting the fees, and giving the adult content creators the tools to promote themselves.

3. Payment solutions

Many major payment processing companies don’t offer support to adult content websites and services. The alternative providers that do offer the support charge hefty fees for executing the transactions within the industry. There are no payment fees on OnlyCam platforms, meaning that you can sell content to your consumers without hassle.

4. Expert and accessible team

OnlyCam has a team of highly skilled and seasoned professionals who have left no stones unturned in creating a top-notch platform. Furthermore, the team is interactive and transparent with token holders and always ready to support and serve the community, its needs, desires, and opinions.

What OnlyCam offers users in the field of trust and transparency

Unlike OnlyFans, which in August 2021 banned explicit content, threatening overnight to destroy users’ income streams and businesses, with OnlyCam you are in full control.

Admittedly OnlyFans did reverse course on its ban after a week, following complaints from its users, but why should anyone trust a centralized platform that can treat its users in such an unprofessional disrespectful way?

And what’s to stop OnlyFans from again banning what it deems to be explicit content at some point in the future?

With OnlyCam’s censorship-resistant platform there is guaranteed transparency and trust for all users and token holders.

Trust is guaranteed by a decentralized network based on a DeFi token built on smart contract technology.

Why does the market need OnlyCam?

Great for creators

OnlyCam will NOT censor any content. You can post and monetize as much NSFW as you like!

Forget hefty fees charged by adult platforms, with the help of our token and blockchain tech these fees are cut to almost zero, so you can keep what you make!

Adult industry usually is banned from most payment solutions, the market takes advantage of that fact to charge huge fees. The OnlyCam token and blockchain gateway will take care of that.

Your work is 100% yours. OnlyCam doesn’t own it! You can even sell anything you like as an NFT!

Great for fans

100% anonymity for users
OnlyCam’s platforms operate with $ONLY token as the main currency, allowing you to pay, tip or buy anything within the ecosystem without leaving any trace on your bank or credit card statements. Fast, Reliable and Discreet!

Exclusive NFTs
Purchase exclusive digital adult art / scenes (NFT format) from your favourite performers with a digital certificate of ownership that you can keep only to yourself or sell for a profit to other fans.

The more you use OnlyCam platforms and $ONLY tokens, the more discounted or free content you will be able to access. The more $ONLY tokens you hold the more tokens you get.

Art backed by digital NFT version
Purchase exclusive physical merchandise, sex toys or art, fully-customized by OnlyCam’s partners for you and delivered to your door, accompanied by an NFT with certificate of ownership.

Uses of $ONLY token

  • Passive income from the transaction fees
  • Purchase of NFTs
  • Marketing and promotion in the ecosystem
  • Tipping the adult content creators

Unlike other adult entertainment platforms, OnlyCam is the only platform that provides its users with the ability to use the tokens to purchase adult content.

How to join the $ONLY token Pre-sale

Head over to the website. On the homepage enter your email address and then click on the pre-sale button to subscribe for updates. There are no restrictions on who can take part in the pre-sale.

For more information about OnlyCam check out out the whitepaper.

Join the online community

Twitter: @OnlyCamOfficial

Telegram: onlycamofficial


The OnlyCam family of platforms

OnlyCam allows adult content creators to stream to all users and multi-stream their content to dozens of other cam sites increasing their potential. an Internet content subscription service like OnlyFans, allows the users to view and purchase exclusive content created by their favourite adult creators. a marketplace for erotic artwork where content creators can sell their digital content like images, videos, etc., in the form of NFT. a merchandise and adult store from where people can buy adult merchandise and gifts. a state-of-the-art payment solution for the adult industry that allows users to make payments and withdrawals with $OCAM tokens and redeem them for any cryptocurrency or fiat.

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