NFT $1M Giveaway Is On May 31st – Time to Buy Lucky Block?

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  • LBLOCK price of a bullish run amid NFT’s $1M Giveaway that will take place on May 31st (8:00 PM BST).
  • Crypto gaming company recently announced that it had begun work on expanding its game library.
  • Only one million dollars will be awarded to NFT owners; with approximately 2,500 NFT holders

The Lucky Block crypto gaming platform is launching this month, and as a result, the price of its coin is skyrocketing. Customers are lining up to participate in its much-anticipated daily jackpot prize draw, which will go live before the end of May. The current Lucky Block price is $0.002658, with a 24-hour trading volume of $582,785. Lucky Block gained 2.82 percent in the previous 24 hours. The current market cap is unavailable, and the market rank is #3222. There is no circulating supply of LBLOCK coins, and only 100,000,000,000 are available.

$1 Million Lucky Block NFT Giveaway is On May 31st

$1 million Lucky Block NFT giveaway will take place on May 31st at 8:00 PM (BST).  In addition, the Platinum Rollers Club, new NFT collection from Lucky Block, has prize draw that begins shortly after the main draw. Only one million dollars will be awarded to NFT owners; with approximately 2,500 NFT holders, the special prize draw offers the best opportunity to become billionaire overnight. 
In addition to the special NFT draw, NFT holders are automatically entered into separate NFT daily prize draw for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, Lucky Block will give away Lamborghini to lucky NFT owner in later prize draw; as result, LBLOCK is growing in popularity around the world.

Lucky Block’s price increase is a testament to the company’s vision and drive to create a mass adoption crypto product with immediate and rising revenue streams. The release of the web app will be a significant milestone for the project because it will be the first of many products that will help push Web3 into the mainstream. The web app and product development will be updated during today’s 4 p.m. Telegram AMA with Terence Ribaudo, Lucky Block’s head of product. Meanwhile, the bullish trend in the crypto market tends to favour most crypto coins, including LBLOCK.

Working on the Most Recent Projects

The crypto gaming company recently announced that it had begun work on expanding its game library. To begin, the gallery will hold series of raffles for high-value items such as fine watches and automobiles. Then there will be slew of play-to-earn games.
Since the end of January, the Lucky Block token has only been available for purchase. Furthermore, given the current gloomy crypto sentiment, the LBLOCK price strength is even more impressive. 
Furthermore, the search term “Lucky Block crypto” has been trading in the top related inquiries on Google Trends in several countries, including the United Kingdom and France, as well as breaking into the coinmarketcap top gainers table. 
Lucky Block was also trending at No. on Dextools, popular DEX sector statistics, analytics, and trading website.
Lucky Block made history last month when it sponsored Dillian Whyte in his April boxing match against Tyson Fury, which was the biggest boxing event in European history in terms of TV audience and attendance. Whyte is one of several well-known boxers who have agreed to serve as Lucky Block ambassadors, along with Florian Marku and Savannah Marshall.
Lucky Block’s products are popular among 20- to 40-year-old boxing fans. The Lucky Block logo and website address were seen by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The team believes all of the promotion is paying off, and there’s plenty more to come, as the initiative doubles down on its pitch to bring new money into crypto.
The addition of free entry ticket for each of the daily draws has boosted the prize draws. The chance to win daily jackpot draw with free entry will entice many more participants, many of whom may be enticed to purchase tickets in order to increase their chances of winning.

Bitcoin and US Dollar

The return of Bitcoin to $30,000, as well as the closing of a daily candle above that level, has increased the value of many altcoins, including Lucky Block (LBLOCK). Meanwhile, the weaker US dollar was seen as one of the main reasons why coin prices remained high.

The US dollar fell on the day as investors continued to sell, reducing bets on further dollar gains from rising US rates while becoming optimistic that removing Chinese trade restrictions could benefit the global economy and exporters’ currencies. Even as Asian stock markets shook, US equity futures surged in Asia, dragging risk-sensitive currencies with them.

LBLOCK Price Chart

Lucky Block Technical Outlook – Triple Top Resistance at $0.0028

The LBLOCK token price has bounced off the major support level of $0.0018. Recalling the previous forecast, the LBLOCK has traded exactly in line with the LBLOCK price prediction and soared dramatically after completing the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement at the $0.0018 mark.

A large portion of the buying in LBLOCK is driven by the faded risk-off sentiment that’s driving an uptrend in the crypto market. Thus, the oversold LBLOCK triggered a bullish correction.

At the moment, LBLOCK is extending solid resistance at the $0.0028 mark. A break above this level may drive an additional uptrend. The next resistance for LBLOCK is held at around $0.0035 and $0.0039. 

What If LBLOCK Stays Under $0.0028?

The LBLOCK/USD coin’s immediate resistance stays at $0.0028. If selling pressure increases significantly, a bearish breakout below $0.0024 is possible. As a result, the LBLOCK price is likely to fall to $0.0018 or $0.0012. Consider buying above $0.0028 and vice versa. Good luck!


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