Hong Kong Police Arrest Businessman Linked to Crypto Investor Kidnapping

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Hong Kong authorities have arrested a local businessman connected to the abduction of a cryptocurrency investor. The arrest occurred after the businessman voluntarily turned himself in. The vehicle used in the kidnapping is reportedly owned by the businessman’s family.

Main Points:

  • Businessman and son arrested linked to a crypto investor’s abduction.
  • The victim was allegedly unable to repay $1.9 million leading to her kidnapping.
  • Ongoing police search for four additional suspects believed to be involved.

Hong Kong Businessman Arrested Over Crypto Investor’s Abduction in Debt Dispute

In Hong Kong, police have apprehended a 70-year-old businessman along with his 30-year-old son, both implicated in a case involving the abduction of a cryptocurrency investor. This arrest followed their voluntary surrender to the authorities. The conflict arose after the investor failed to repay an investment exceeding $1.9 million, leading to her alleged illegal confinement. Though not directly involved in the kidnapping, the businessman and his son are under custody for further questioning.

Reports indicate that the abduction occurred using the businessman’s family-owned vehicle in the Sheung Shui area, resulting in injuries to the investor and her husband, both of whom required hospitalization.

Currently, the police are on the lookout for four individuals believed to have executed the abduction, possibly for hire. This case unfolds 18 months after the businessman’s initial cryptocurrency investment, his growing frustration compounded by the investor’s inability to return the funds.


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