Americans plan to tip service providers well this holiday season, Survey

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  • Americans are planning to tip service providers more during this holiday season, new survey finds.
  • Americans plan to tip housekeepers and childcare provider the most at an average of $50.
  • 87% of U.S. adults said they believe it’s important to shop locally as a way of supporting small businesses

Tipping workers and service providers is a great way to appreciate the hardworking people. This article details how much U.S. adults are planning to tip service providers this holiday season.

COVID restrictions have been relaxed over the last one year, as Americans expect return to normalcy. American consumers are going out and use different service providers which they were no able to use during the 2020 holiday season such as childcare services, hair salon, bars and restaurants. At the same time, service providers expect to be tipped more even as they attend to more clients this holiday season.

However, tipping service providers can sometime seem burdensome particularly in a time when consumer prices high making this year’s holiday spending the most expensive in the recent years. But the latest survey by reveals that just who and how much American are giving.

Tip Service Provider: Who and How Much?

The survey found that Americans are planning to tip service providers between $20 and $50 on average. Many said they would give more than they usually do because it is a holiday season – time to give and share. 47% of U.S. adults plan to tip their housekeepers and 41% plan to tip their childcare providers.

The survey which involved 2,372 Americans aged 18 years was carried out between November 3 and 5, 2021. The results of the survey also revealed that Gen Z is more likely to tip more (51 while baby boomers are expected to give less at 42%. Millennials meet in the middle at 48% and Gen X at 43%.

Of all the service provides, housekeepers and childcare are likely to be tipped more with 47% and 41% of Americans respectively, planning to tip them $50 or more respectively. 36% plan to tip landscapers at least $30, 41% plan to tip teachers at least $25 and 19% indicated they plan to tip trash collectors $20 or more.

45% U.S. adults said that they would tip more than usual this holiday season and that they would tip at least one type of service providers. As such, 27% said they would tip waitstaff more and only 9% said they would tip their coffee shop baristas  more.

Almost nine out of 10 Americans surveyed (87%) said they believe it’s important to shop locally as a way of supporting small businesses. This includes 93% of baby boomers, 88% of Gen X, 82% of millennials and 80% of Gen Z. In addition, women (90%) were more likely to say shopping locally is important than men (84%).

According to Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst for, service providers have dealt with unprecedented challenges throughout the pandemic with a lot of them losing income. This has made them to opt for personal loans such as short-term installment loans and instant online payday loans to help them to meet their financial needs. He said:

Holiday tipping is a really nice way to reward the hardworking people who make our lives easier throughout the year.”

Therefore, if you are in a position to afford it, tipping service providers this holiday season could make a huge difference.

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