A FTX Hacker Sends 255 BTC ($4.1 million) Worth of Bitcoin to OKX

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The FTX crisis, which is already a contentious issue, became even worse when a few hackers broke into the exchange early this month. According to the latest evidence, the hacker who targeted FTX may have used ChipMixer to send 255 BTC ($4.1 million) worth of Bitcoin to OKX.

ZachXBT, a Twitter user, updates the FTX hack tale using on-chain analytics to determine what ultimately happened to the hacker’s stolen assets.

Following the most recent analysis, FTX attackers used the Bitcoin mixer ChipMixer to move some of the stolen assets, estimated to be roughly $4.1 million or 255 Bitcoins, to the OKX exchange. However, the attackers are now considered FTX internal workers, according to widespread rumors.

It is also worth mentioning that the hackers stole over $400 million in bitcoins from the Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX earlier this month. According to sources, the anonymous hacker is currently one of the wealthiest Ethereum holders, with just 34 wallets on the Ethereum network having more digital cash than him.

Recently, the latest hack was disclosed by the now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, when the crypto conglomerate’s more than 130 entities abruptly filed for bankruptcy. However, this news sparked panic selling in the crypto market, further diluting the weakened cryptocurrency community.

OKX Received Funds from the FTX Hack

There are reports that the stolen money was laundered and moved into Bitcoin and Ethereum after it was revealed by the now-bankrupt platform that it had been stolen. According to an analysis from Twitter user ZachXBT, these digital assets have now been transferred to a different cryptocurrency exchange.

Therefore, November was regarded as disastrous for the now-disgraced exchange company FTX. The FTT native token’s swift decline was driven by claims of misused client funds and insurmountable debt, quickly leading to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Sam Bankman’s now-disgraced Fried’s company, which he almost operated as a criminal organization, had a fall from grace unrivaled in the industry’s history. Millions of dollars had been stolen from the site because of hacking, but the bad news didn’t end there.

According to CNBC, the hackers stole $477 million worth of cryptocurrency from the exchange. The same source states that a significant portion of the huge amount that was stolen was converted to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, it was discovered that a sizeable percentage of the stolen funds had been transferred to another bitcoin exchange site.

The tweet claims they have begun transferring part of the stolen FTX cash to OKX. This was discovered after examining the attacker’s deposits on ChipMixer. The last bit of information showed that the attacker had sent OKX around $4.1 million in Bitcoin up to this point. The guy who stole the money probably uses the OKX platform. Undoubtedly, OKX will keep a close eye on them from now on.

Around $200 million in ETH was split across 12 wallets by the FTX hacker

The hacker who stole bitcoin valued at over $447 million from the cryptocurrency exchange FTX has been spotted transferring the stolen funds.

The attacker transferred 180,000 Ether (ETH) on November 21 between 4:11 and 4:17 UTC, according to Etherscan. The 12 newly created wallets will each receive 15,000 ETH. The total amount transacted was $199.3 million at the time of writing.



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