Match-Trader Partners With ZuluTrade To Boost Social Trading

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Match-Trade Technologies has announced a partnership deal with ZuluTrade International Limited, a company under the FINVASIA Group. This partnership deal will consolidate the company’s position in the trading industry.

Match-Trader partners with Zulu Trade

Match-Trader Technologies is the creator of the popular Match-Trader (MTR) platform. The partnership deal between Match-Trade and ZuluTrade will play a significant role in expanding the social trading activity of brokers within the MTR ecosystem.

The partnership will also allow these traders to gain access to the ZuluTrade ecosystem, with the traders getting a chance to follow some of the most experienced signal providers, increasing the chances of earning a profit.

A signal provider will have the positions on the ZuluTrade platform visible on their Match-Trader account. The platform will also facilitate traders in closing their accounts if need be.

The integration will also guarantee that the management of clients is not affected. It will also allow brokers to maintain a closer presence in the trading activity as they will have more insight into the activities and positions of all traders on their CRM and Manager app. This activity will be visible despite the decision made by these traders to use the ZuluTrade platform.

The Head of Product Development at Match-Trade Technologies, Jacek Czarniawski, commented on the development, saying that the move signaled that the company had successfully expanded its activities within the Match-Trader technological space.

“ZuluTrade, being one of the largest social trading communities in the industry, houses many experienced market leaders, making this collaboration highly significant,” Czarniawski said.

ZuluTrade provides better trading opportunities

The process of integrating ZuluTrade into the Match-Trader ecosystem will boost the offerings of the broker, especially the ones that are interested in copy trading. Traders can now use the platform to replicate proven investment strategies. Access to a wide range of expert signal providers will also allow traders to access a valuable tool supporting diversification.

The co-founder and CEO of ZuluTrade, Tajinder Virk, noted that the collaboration was closer to achieving the firm’s vision, making ZuluTrade an ideal choice for leaders, investors, and brokers globally. This vision will be achieved through social trading.

This development comes one month after ZuluTrade released an enhanced Social Intelligence Platform offering a seamless onboarding experience. The social trading company also secured approval from the FSC Mauritius to offer wealth management services.

Match-Trade Technologies has also secured strategic partnerships across the industry by teaming up with some leading platforms. Last year, the company integrated the Bridge Engine from Centroid with the Match-Trader platform to boost order routing and connectivity.

In March this year, Brokeree Solutions integrated the Liquidity Bridge with Match-Prime. Match-Prime is a regulated liquidity provider for forex and contract-for-differences (CFDs). In February, B2Broker integrated Match-Trader into its offerings. In December last year, FX Back Office launched Match Trader to boost the CRM software for forex brokers.


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