Lloyds partners with ApTap to enable easier management of customers’ household bills

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Lloyds, one of the leading UK banks, recently announced a partnership with ApTap. The goal of the team-up is to help its customers with household bill management.

Lloyds and ApTap team up

ApTap is a fintech startup graduate of Lloyd’s innovative program known as Launch. The firm has developed a new and rather unique bill management tool that makes it easier for people to switch and save on utilities and home services.

Moving forward, the tool will be available using Home Wise (Lloyds Bank) and HelloHome (Halifax). These two home hubs were already made available to the banks’ mortgage users, who can access them via mobile banking.

Once they access the new app, users will be able to get additional information regarding savings that they can make if they switch to a different energy supplier, broadband provider, or even mobile phone contract. Not only that, but the app will also provide them with the means to implement the switch.

Lloyds Banking Group’s head of product management, Carolyne Gregory, commented on the new move, stating that staying on top of regular household bills can allow users to save up to several hundred pounds per year. However, she also acknowledged that it can be difficult to find the time, energy, and motivation to go through paperwork, check with each supplier, and come up with an informed decision.

This is why the new ApTap solution will come in handy, and why Lloyds’ collaboration with the company will make managing regular bills significantly easier. Both Halifax’s and Lloyds’ mortgage customers will now be able to easily switch through their existing home hub and save money, all within their mobile banking solutions.

ApTap’s bill management tool can thrive in the home ecosystem

Back in 2023, ApTap managed to complete Lloyds Banking Group Launch — a five-month collaborative innovation program that provided a structured test-and-learn approach to entering into partnerships with fintechs. This also provides fintechs with a unique opportunity to resolve some of the key strategic challenges that have traditionally posed a challenge, sometimes for years, or even decades.

Now, such challenges can be resolved simply by partnering with experts on the subject matter, and refining ideas that are then tested using a Proof of Concept.

ApTap’s own co-founder and acting CEO, Will Billingsley, commented on the matter, stating that the Launch program allowed his company to see the bank’s ambition when it comes to serving its customers, and providing innovative ways to deal with various problems.

After working closely with a number of teams to get the tools into its new app, ApTap is excited to land in the home ecosystem. Billingsley added that this is the sector that can lend real context to ApTap’s bill management tools.


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