HKMA starts a new CBDC sandbox project to support the development of the tokenization market

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The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) recently started a new wholesale central bank digital currency (wCBDC) project. The goal is to render support to the development of the tokenization market in the region.

The launch of ‘Ensamble’

According to HKMA, the project is known as Ensemble, and its first order of business is to focus on tokenized deposits that commercial banks have issued and made available to the public. Hong Kong’s regulator has made this move after completing pilots with no less than 16 different firms in 2023.

The pilots ventured deep into potential use cases for an eHK in six different categories. That included programmable payments, full-fledged payments, tokenized deposits, offline payments, settlements of tokenized assets, and settlements of Web3 transactions.

With these past experiences and a better understanding of the sector, the regulator is launching Project Ensemble, with wCBDC Sandbox at its core. HKMA intends to launch the project at some point in 2024, as doing so will allow it to continue its research and testing of tokenization use cases.

Some of the use cases that the regulator has already identified as beneficial include settlements of tokenized real-world assets, like carbon credits, green bonds, EV charging stations, aircraft, and electronic bills of lading and treasury management.

HKMA to form a wCBDC Architecture Community

HKMA believes that forming a wCBDC Architecture Community is also a beneficial move — one that can help set certain industry standards. In addition to that, it would help future-proof its strategy. The community would consist of multinational and local banks alike, as well as some key players in the digital asset sector, various tech firms, and the central bank’s own CBDC Expert Group.

Essentially, everyone with expertise, experience, and ideas that could help better the sector will be a member of the community. The central bank also added that it will continue to partner with Cyberport and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. Doing so will foster the development of tokenization of assets, not to mention that it would support fintech innovation.

Commenting on the new development, the HKMA chief, Eddie Yue, stated that the regulator could conduct a live issuance of wCBDC if the wCBDC Sandbox attracts sufficient interest. Further, the regulator could also possibly create a new financial market infrastructure, meant to bridge the gap between tokenized real-world assets and money in transactions.

He noted that Project Ensemble will provide momentum to the local financial industry, and reinforce Hong Kong’s forefront position in tokenized money. Hong Kong already emerged as one of the global digital asset hubs, and moves like this continue to aid its goal and maintaining that position. This is why Yue also said: “We welcome global talents and industry players to come to Hong Kong and be part of this very exciting tokenization journey.”


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