Borderless AI And Nium Forge Alliance To Streamline EOR International Payments

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Borderless AI, an Employer of Record (EOR) company, has announced that its teaming up with Nium, a cross-border payment service provider. The purpose of this alliance is to enhance international payments within the EOR sector.  This partnership is a step forward in boosting speed, transparency, and efficiency in worldwide employment and Salary Processing Solutions.

Nium’s Technology Enables Borderless AI To Manage Remote Teams Effectively

By partnering with Nium’s, Borderless AI will be able to make operations easier providing quick, more effective, and solid payment solutions. This helps companies to better supervise remote teams, pay contractors and workers without delay, and handle international complexities.

Nium’s payment system and worldwide network allow seamless transfer between different countries, bypassing middlemen and reducing transaction periods. With Nium’s technology, Borderless AI can quickly transfer cash for customers. This will help manage financial commitments, expenses, taxes, and payroll across more than 190 countries.

Borderless AI Seeks To Enable Companies To Manage Their Global Staff Better

Some benefits experienced by companies like MG2 Corporation and Affiniti Finance include quicker and cheaper payments between different countries, global access to more than 190 nations, and 100 currencies, with funds accessible instantly across 100 markets. Also, this collaboration fosters global expansion in a compliant fashion, by following local laws and maintaining strong security measures.

The Co-Founder and Chief executive officer of Nium, Prajit Nanu, stated that Borderless AI is impacting the evolving EOR sector.

He noted that their team is happy to work with them. Nanu further emphasized that by combining Borderless AI’s EOR knowledge with Nium’s real-time international payment solutions, the firm empowers companies to break geographical barriers and create new development opportunities.

The Chief Executive Officer of Borderless AI, Willson Cross, commented on the development. He said that the partnership with Nium is a big step forward in their goal of providing payroll services across multiple countries and unparalleled value to their clients.

He added that by using Nium’s ground-breaking technology, the team seeks to enable companies to effectively oversee their worldwide staff while guaranteeing prompt and secure international payments

As part of this collaboration, Borderless AI reveals the appointment of Umesh Maini as Chief Product Officer and Rajesh Venkatesh as Chief Payments Officer.

Maini, previously holding the position of Chief Product Officer at Buckzy, brings expertise from TD Bank and Western Union in the payments industry. Venkatesh has 15 years of professional experience, previously working as Nium’s Chief Product Officer and holding executive roles at eBay and PayPal.


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