Apple Pay enables open banking for the UK users of its Wallet app

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Apple Pay has decided to add the open banking framework to the UK portion of its Wallet users, allowing them to connect multiple cards and view their account balance, all from one place.

Apple Wallet sees full launch in the UK

The feature saw its soft launch earlier this year in September, but it only went fully live now, in mid-November, allowing all British users to access it. The feature has been highly sought-after by users, as it lets them connect their debit cards and see their up-to-date balance from the Wallet app. They can also view it while using Apple Pay online or in apps.

Furthermore, users can see their debit card account details, but also their credit and debit card spending history, deposits, withdrawals, payments, and more, all from one place. This is extremely convenient for those who have multiple cards with multiple banks, as they no longer have to use several different apps.

Instead, it is all about the convenience of easily switching the desired payment method and checking out balance, payment history, and other aspects from a single simple-to-use app that is Apple’s Wallet.

Connecting debit and credit cards is also quite easy, as all that Wallet users need to do is select them within the app, and they will be taken to their bank’s app. From there, they must go through the short authentication process and follow a few easy steps that will complete the procedure.

Improving the UK users’ financial experience

Apple Pay’s Wallet also supports a number of major UK banks that most people in the country tend to use for their financial activities, such as Lloyds, Barclays, First Direct, M&S Bank, Barclaycard, Halifax, Monzo, HSBC, NatWest, as well as the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Apple Pay’s and Apple Wallet’s Vice President Jennifer Bailey commented on the decision, stating that enabling users to conveniently access their most useful account data in the Wallet and at the time of purchase will allow them to make better, more important financial decisions. They will better understand their capacity to spend and manage their accounts easier.

Users will be able to directly see their financial situation involving each account and card, rather than having to approximately guess how much money they have left. Bailey said that Apple Wallet and Apple Pay look forward to working with their numerous partners in the UK under the Open Banking initiative. Their intention is to help the users improve their financial health and provide new and better ways for banks to deepen their relationships with customers.


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