Review 2023: Smarter Investing with Hundreds of Data Points

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AltIndex is a new trading signals provider that offers insights on hundreds of US stocks, ETFs, and crypto.

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate signals from alternative data. Its main features include a stock screener, stock AI score, stock picker, stock monitor and fear and greed index.

The platform presents vital trading data such as trending stocks, the best stocks for shorting, top Reddit stocks, the most volatile stocks and the best stocks for short-term and medium-term investment.

Traders can also use it to track individual stocks and glean insights from them. AltIndex users receive hundreds of high-quality signals daily on the world’s most valuable stocks and ETFs.

But is AltIndex legit and does it guarantee trading success? Find out in our investigative report.

What is AltIndex?

Stock Alerts could be the best bet if you are looking for the best stocks to trade in 2023. This platform provides insights for volatility trading as well as short-term and medium-term investing.

Stock and crypto investors don’t need to do the tedious trading research process since the platform does all the heavy lifting for them. AltIndex is among the trending AI-driven stock signals providers in 2023.

As Investopedia explains, a trading signal is a trigger for action to either sell or buy a security. Trading signals are generated through fundamental and technical trading research.

Fundamental analysis determines whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued by the industry. It takes into account data such as the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss, financial ratios, news, and growth prospects.

On the other hand, technical analysis builds signals out of price trend analysis. As we will see below, the AltIndex AI algorithms generate insights from both technical and fundamental analysis.

How AltIndex helps you trade Reddit stocks

Reddit stocks

AltIndex derives most of its signals from social media sentiments. In the recent past, social media has emerged as a strong driver of securities volatility.

Social media platforms such as Reddit have made it possible for traders to build powerful communities capable of triggering insane market activity. A good example of such communities is the renowned subreddit, WallStreetBets.

This subreddit gained huge popularity in 2021 after triggering a massive GameStop stock gain in what is known as the GameStop Short Squeeze. The community rallied its members to buy GameStop in protest of leading hedging funds shorting the stock.

The stock gained by a whopping 1700% within hours of the first Reddit post encouraging investors to buy.  The end game was huge profits for Reddit stocks investors and massive losses for the hedge funds.

WallStreetBets has grown tremendously since the short-squeeze with over 14 million investors following it. Many other communities have come up and gained huge influence on stock volatility.

AltIndex tracks WallStreetBets and other volatility-triggering social media communities to determine investors’ sentiments towards a given stock. The sentiments are used to build buy, sell, and short signals.

How AltIndex performs fundamental analysis

AltIndex takes fundamental analysis to a whole new level by analysing alternative data such as;

  • Web traffic
  • Social media sentiments
  • Job postings
  • Employee satisfaction
  • App downloads
  • Business Outlook
  • Patents
  • Google AdSpend

Its AI stock screener tool allows users to filter stocks using the above and many more parameters. Users only need to select any of the parameters in the provided drop-down list to receive signals.

We can confirm that no other signal providers rely on such a diverse data set. This explains why AltIndex stands out against competitors.

How AltIndex performs technical analysis

AltIndex AI analyses swaths of historical price data as published on highly authoritative sources.

The algorithm identifies price patterns and trends and uses them to generate trading signals. Technical analysis is based on the theory that past price changes and trading activity of security are valuable indicators of future price movements.

Price patterns are, therefore, cyclical when the market conditions are similar. This trading research technique generates quality signals when implemented accurately.

AltIndex uses ML algorithms to perfect price trend analysis. Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI that enables computer programs to use data and algorithms to understand human language.

Is AltIndex recommended for newbies?

AI-powered trading signals providers such as AltIndex automate the trading research process. This makes it extremely easy for newbies to jump on the bandwagon and generate profits.

Traders only need to copy the signals from the platform and implement them in their trading accounts. Leading experts claim to subject AltIndex to a six-month test and find it to have a 75% win rate.

This means that more than half of the signals delivered by the platform are accurate. If this is true, then this signal provider is the best for all traders including the experts.

Very few expert traders manage a win rate of 50% let alone 75%. This explains why AltIndex has become a household name among professional and institutional traders.

Why is AltIndex the best stock signal app?

Trading research can be manual or automated. However, manual trading is tedious and prone to inaccuracy.

This is because the best trading signals are generated through big data analysis. The data must be analysed fast given the speed at which the markets adjust to new information.

AI signals providers such as AltIndex eliminate the hassles of trading research by automating the process. Traders only need to register on their website to access the trading signals. AltIndex conducts its trading research through NLP and ML-driven algorithms.

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI allows the research algorithms to understand human language. This enables the algorithms to read social media comments, employee reviews, and related data for insights.

The Machine Learning (ML) subset enables the AltIndex algorithms to adjust to changing data. This ensures consistent performance in all markets.

AltIndex features – best signals for stock 2023

This platform appears top in all the lists of the best stock trading signals providers in 2023. We have summarised its amazing features in the table below.

Feature Function
Stock Alert Notifies the trader when there is significant price movement of a stock
AI Stock Picks Provides signals on the best stocks as identified by its AI algorithms
Stock screener Enable the trader to screen individual stocks using alternative data
AI score Ranks stocks according to the alternative parameters
Trending stocks Identifies the trending stocks and generates signals from them
Stock Monitor Helps the trader monitor individual stocks
Fear and Greed Index Determines whether the volatility of a given stock is driven by fear or greed


Stock Alert

The Stock Alert feature identifies the best stocks to trade in unusual and significant market events. These events are either associated with the entire stock market or an individual stock.

An example of an event that affects the entire market is the nonfarm payroll (NFP). AltIndex uses the Stock Alert feature to identify the best stocks to buy or short in positive or negative NFP data.

The Stock Alert feature also notifies the trader of highly volatile stocks and recommends the best trading signals.

AI Stock Picks

The AI Stock Pick feature identifies and recommends the best stocks as identified by the AltIndex AI algorithm.

As explained earlier, the platform’s AI algorithm generates signals from alternative data such as social media sentiments and web traffic. The AI stock feature identifies the stocks with the best results on all of the alternative data metrics.

Experts report that the AI Stock Pick feature has a win rate of 75%. This means that more than half of its signals are accurate.

Stock Screener

The AltIndex Stock Screener is also AI-driven. This feature helps the trader screen individual stocks on tens of metrics.

Users can screen a given stock on up to 10 metrics simultaneously. Moreover, they can filter through hundreds of stocks to identify those that perform better on given metrics.

The stock screener feature allows the user to filter stocks by industry. AltIndex only supports the trading of shares and ETFs listed on NASDAQ and NYSE.

Stock AI Score

The AltIndex AI score ranks stocks according to alternative data metrics. Users can use this feature to generate a list of the best stocks for volatility trading or short-term investing.

Users must generate a new list of the best volatility stocks or ETFs after every hour. The short-term investment list is usually informed by the prediction of how the stock will perform within a period of up to 6 months.

Trending stocks

This feature provides a list of the trending stocks at any given time. The trending stocks are identified by their daily trading volume and social media following.

A stock with a huge daily trading volume and a fast-growing social media following is considered a good buy and a perfect bet for volatility trading.

On the other hand, a stock with a declining daily trading volume and poor social media sentiment is good for shorting. AltIndex also considers other metrics when determining the trending stocks.

Fear and Greed Index

The Fear and Greed Index determines if stock prices are driven by the traders’ emotions. Fear triggers a selloff hence pushing the prices down and greed triggers demand hence price gains.

AltIndex generates sell and shorting signals when the markets are fearful and buy signals when the markets are greedy.

Getting Started – AltIndex Packages

AltIndex is an easily accessible and affordable stock and crypto signal provider. The platform is available in 120+ countries globally.

As stated earlier, it only provides signals on US stocks only. The table below summarises its packages.

Package Amount Features
Free Plan $0 ·        Up to 20 dashboard visits

·        1 AI stock picks

·        2 stocks in portfolio

·        Limited access to stock screener

Starter Plan $29 ·        Unlimited dashboard visits

·        10 stocks in portfolio

·        10 AI stock picks

·        10 stock alerts

·        Unlimited access to stock screener

Pro Plan $99 ·        Unlimited dashboard visits

·        50 stocks in portfolio

·        25 AI stock picks

·        50 Stock Alerts

·        Unlimited access to stock screener

Enterprise plan Not specified ·        Unlimited access to all the features

Is AltIndex a scam? The Verdict

There are no red flags to make us doubt AltIndex legitimacy. This stock signal provider is tested and proven by the best experts.

Our review team has tested its features and found them genuine. AltIndex has many reviews on the web and the feedback is awesome. Many investors claim to be using it to build powerful stock portfolios. It’s also quite popular in crypto CFDs trading.

Signing up with AltIndex is easy and its packages are quite affordable. We conclude that it’s low priced compared to competitors. The platform has a win rate of 75% but this doesn’t mean that profitability is assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AltIndex trade Reddit stocks?

AltIndex algorithms can capture and generate insights from stocks trending on Reddit and other social media platforms. It’s highly popular for trending insights from the WallStreetBets subreddit.

How much does AltIndex cost?

AltIndex is not free but its packages are quite affordable. The highest you will pay for an individual account is $99 per month. This is amazing given the potential of the signals generated by the platform.

Is AltIndex available in my country?

This platform is available in up to 120 countries. Check if it’s available in your country by visiting its website. The AltIndex site is only reachable in the supported countries.


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