Alchemy Pay Funds UK’s LaPay To Increase Global Payment Solutions

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Alchemy Pay, a global provider of Web3 payment solutions, has revealed that it has invested in the UK’s LaPay Limited. This major funding aims to begin the global outreach of corporations operating in several industries. LaPay functions as the United Kingdom’s fintech company.

The UK fintech holds an Authorized Payment Institution License in the United Kingdom with the reference number 914920. This is under the authority of the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. This calculated investment signifies a significant moment for Alchemy Pay.

The payment solution provider aims to acquire certifications from several countries, including Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore, among others.

Alchemy Pay Plans To Provide Several Web3 Payment Solutions

Alchemy Pay’s co-founder, Gibbs Lvy, mentioned that the organization’s main goal is to provide a diverse array of Web3 payment solutions. One of these solutions is the provision of money transfers in domestic fiat currencies. It also plans to provide foreign exchange services shortly.

Before this, the payment provider operated on a universal level as a provider of Web3 payment service that adhered to all applicable standards. According to Gibbs, the investment placed in LaPay will change the circumstances by giving them extra opportunities regarding the dynamic UK markets and beyond.

Gibbs also mentioned that fintech companies like LaPay are transforming traditional banking, Web3, payments, and finance. At this time, key players such as Revolut, Visa, PayPal, and others are prioritizing Web3 fintech.

Ashley Alder, Head of the Financial Conduct Authority, revealed global cooperation is highly important in regulating technology (fintech). This is because of its rapidly advancing nature. He emphasized that fintech innovation provides unique opportunities. It also presents risks that call for smart policy measures from regulators worldwide.

The focus on Web3 fintech is causing a major shift in the global financial payments industry. The aforementioned include stablecoins, finance, payments, and wallets that are currently been integrated into finance frameworks, traditional banking, and payment.

The Payment Provider Offers An Extensive Web3 Payment Network

Alchemy Pay is diligently working to establish an extensive Web3 payment network by meticulously integrating international compliance standards and certification pathways. Furthermore, the company encompasses the deployment of alternative payment methods which enhances service potential. It also introduces several payment products that suit different circumstances.

The company is known for its ability to make transactions between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies fast, easy, secure, and low-cost. It enables institutions and customers around the globe to easily access commercial transactions, crypto investment, and Web3 services.

The network is currently operational in over 70 countries. In these countries, it has more than 300 payment channels. It also has a global network consisting of more than 2 million merchants. This was achievable because of strategic partnerships with global remittance companies, OTC and global crypto exchanges, and financial institutions.


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