Agriculture Industry


The Agriculture Industry encircles a variety of procedures wherein natural resources give rise to a number of products. Agriculture Industry consists of different activities which include harvesting crops, plants, livestock feeding, grazing etc.

Agriculture Industry encompasses preparing the soil for optimum returns, improving crops, services relating to horticulture, landscaping services, veterinary services,managing labors or farmers etc.

Agriculture Industry is always seeking to improve, by adopting new technologies. The new technologies aim at improving the efficiency of various Agricultural based operations.

Biotechnology has assisted in improving the quality of crops manifold. But it depends on the choice of the consumers as consumers opt for natur

al food.

Survey carried out by Rice Producers of California, discovered that rice growers could be at a loss of around $200 million for producing rice ,despite the fact that transgenic rice is produced at a cheaper rate as compared to conventional rice.

There are some facts about the Agriculture Industry which can be enumerated as below:

  • It is expected that there will be stabilization of the services of the Agriculture Industry in the next few years. to come.
  • Agriculture Industry has witnessed major conversion to dairy farming


Agriculture Industry is influenced by prices of commodities, the farmers provide and are also associated with products obtained as a result of farming.

Agriculture Industry comprises of the individuals producing dairy products, vegetables, wine,tobacco, fruits, mushrooms,eggs, products obtained as as result of forestry operations.

Agriculture industry also includes the florists, greenhouses, aquaculture and nurseries.

Agriculture Industry is influenced by Weather conditions prevailing in a particular place.

For instance, Southland is a place where crop production is highly affected by very moist weather.

New York Agriculture Industry's also faces few snags. New York Agriculture Industry can be described as:

  1. Value added customer food
  2. Articles or Commodities

Articles or commodities make up only a small part of the Agriculture Industry.

On the contrary, value added products are main products of New York Agriculture Industry and find a stake in the market sector.


Though services sector boom has brought tremendous success for many economies over the world, still agriculture has its own importance through its contribution to the world economy.

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Concept of Sustainable Agriculture maximizes better utilization of the environment without causing any form of harm to it.

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