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An English journalist who, when he's not exploring the social consequences of political actions, likes to write about cricket for some light relief.

World on Verge of Antibiotics Apocalypse

Date: 4 February 2016

Massive global overuse of antibiotics in the farming industry has led to the emergence of terrifying superbugs that beat off all known drugs. Scientists say the threat rivals global warming, whilst drugs’ companies focus on developing more lucrative medicines and governments are slow to react.

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Why Trump Risks Making the Republicans Unelectable

Date: 26 January 2016

The billionaire’s strategy of appealing to angry white men by stigmatising minorities is exerting lasting damage on the Republican Party’s image. Demographic shifts could make the party unelectable for a generation, or more.

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Part Two: The US Evangelical Roots of African Homophobia

Date: 19 October 2015

In part two of our analysis of rising homophobia in Africa we look at how the US right-wing evangelists have used their power base to spread propaganda against gays. Their powerful presence has influenced African archbishops, politicians and lawmakers.

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The Hidden Cost of Homophobia in Africa

Date: 16 October 2015

In a two-part article, we look first at the high economic costs of the severe homophobia in modern African states. Lowering the national GDP is a price few developing countries can afford.  In part two, we will look at the astonishing influence of the US right-wing evangelical movement in entrenching homophobia in the African church and state.

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Merkel Faces Tough Political Decisions Over Refugees

Date: 24 September 2015

Chancellor Angela Merkel has shown great compassion in allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees to enter Germany. Nevertheless, she has to avoid playing into the hands of the far right, as well as placating angry Eastern European neighbours.

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Left-wing Candidate Corbyn is likely Labour Leader

Date: 11 September 2015

The veteran socialist backbencher has risen quickly from obscurity and he is almost certain to become the opposition leader this weekend. His passionate rhetoric has blown away his rival centre-left candidates.

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European Nations at Loggerheads over Migrants

Date: 15 July 2015

The financial woes in Greece are not the sole crisis dividing European states. Tensions over how to deal with thousands of migrants landing in the Mediterranean have spilled over as domestic political pressures threaten ideals of unity. Angela Merkel calls it “the biggest challenge in European affairs” in her time as chancellor.

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Uber Riots Could Soon Spread to New York and London

Date: 1 July 2015

The riots in Paris protesting against Uber could be just the start of violence against drivers if the taxi service continues to masquerade as a ‘transportation network company’.  France is famous worldwide for a host of things, including the finest cheeses and wines. However, the French are just as renowned for calling strikes and rioting. In view of this national trait, it was not surprising that the biggest revolt to date against the San Francisco-based Uber ‘transportation network company’ took place a few days ago in Paris and smaller French cities. Other major cities, including London and New York, have already witnessed less extreme protests against Uber.

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Turkish President Erdoğan Faces Uncertain Future

Date: 18 June 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received a rapturous reception in his early days in power, but a series of political errors has sullied his public image and undermined his power.  Since his Justice and Development Party (AKP) attained power in 2002, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has dominated Turkish politics. However, discontent about his erratic leadership is intensifying. There is a widespread perception that power has gone to his head and his political decisions are now more about aggrandizing his ego than doing the best for Turkey.

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Why Sepp Blatter Fell on His Sword

Date: 4 June 2015

The president of FIFA appeared impregnable for the past 17 years, but the pressure from media, the sponsors and US investigators became irresistible.  Until his surprise resignation provided another dramatic twist in this week’s FIFA revelations, Sepp Blatter seemed impregnable at the head of FIFA. For over a decade, accusations of corruption swirled around football’s international governing body, but Blatter stayed serenely in his post.

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Nepalese Government ‘not capable of handling the crisis’

Date: 6 May 2015

After two decades of antagonism, Nepal’s major political parties are still at loggerheads and the country does not have a functioning Government. Nepal’s political infirmity makes it imperative that the international community stays to finish the long-term job of reconstruction.

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