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  • Hopefully it won't take 70 years to build a new UK runway.

    How Deciding to Build a New UK Airport Runway Can Take 70 Years

    Seventy years since the completion of first new full-length runway in the southeast of England, the government finally has a flight path for future airport capacity. After decades of consultation and deliberation, the Howard Davies Airports Commission report has made its recommendation. The verdict – London Heathrow Airport should receive a third runway, with a second runway at Gatwick on the cards as well.

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  • Underground and overground success in London.

    London's Transport Offers Lessons for Other Cities

    Complaining about public transport might seem as English as moaning about the weather. Moreover, it is not very British to shout about success. Therefore, what follows might seem odd, but here it goes: Transport for London leads the way as an effective transport authority. There, said it. In addition, it does so by building popular and political consensus around the importance and urgency of transport investment. Systematically, the city reliant on Victorian suburban railways and a Georgian underground railway increases its fitness to cater to the demands of a growing 21st-century city.

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  • Autonomous cars are eventually coming to our roads.

    Are You Ready to Let Your Car do the Driving?

    The newest Mercedes autonomous car looks like a car on the outside but like a lounge on the inside, with four swivel seats facing each other in a multimedia bubble of padded leather and walnut veneer.

    The F 015 'Luxury in Motion' concept car unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year is completely self-driving but still has a steering wheel and brake if you want to swivel around and drive it manually.

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