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The Man Who SHOULD Head Treasury

17 September, 2009 By David Caploe PhD, Chief Political Economist, The reason a problem in the money world was magnified into a Global Great Recession in the real economy was derivatives deregulation - championed under Clinton by Robert Rubin and his acolytes, now National Economic Council head Larry Summers and, as Treasury Secretary, former New York Fed head Tim Geithner. Real change would have come from putting someone like Nobel Prize Joseph Stiglitz in charge.

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First, Kill All the Accountants

e id="line1">Shakespeare said First, Kill all the Lawyers - but today it is bank accountants who do the most damage, hiding the truth by changing, subverting or ignoring disclosure rules. More pheasant, anyone?

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India Economy: On the Road to Recovery?

e id="line1">Top Indian economic adviser Suresh Tendulkar recently reported that the nation’s economy could be on the path to recovery. This came with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cutting the reverse repurchase rate to 3.5% and the repurchase rate to 5%.">

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