Capital Market

November 23, 2010Marketsby EconomyWatch


The market where investment funds like bonds, equities and mortgages are traded is known as the capital market. The primal role of the capital market is to channelize investments from investors who have surplus funds to the ones who are running a deficit. The capital market offers both long term and overnight funds. The financial instruments that have short or medium term maturity periods are dealt in the money market whereas the financial instruments that have long maturity periods are dealt in the capital market. The different types of financial instruments that are traded in the capital markets are equity instruments, credit market instruments, insurance instruments, foreign exchange instruments, hybrid instruments and derivative instruments.


Indian Capital Market

Emerging Capital Markets

Capital Market Report

Capital Market Analyst

Capital Market Theory
The Capital Market theory, deals in investable funds such as bonds, equities and mortgages are generally traded. Get detailed information on the Capital Market:
Capital Market Investment
The Capital Market Investments in the stocks market generally takes place by small individual stock investors and large hedge fund traders. Find more on Capital Market Investments.
China Capital Market
In China’s Capital Market, there are mainly three types of shares are being traded. Find those shares traded in the Chinese Capital Market.
Global Capital Market
Global Capital Market has been merged at a faster pace these days. Global Capital Market

provides the facility of Strategic Equity Partnership. Know more on Global Capital Market

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