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October 6, 2010Visa Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


With a prepaid Visa card, an individual needs to deposit the amount ones wants to have available for purchases at the time the card is issued. Through the pre-paid Visa card, you can make payments for purchases at all places where the prepaid Visa Debit card is accepted. An individual does not require sound credit history or a bank account to buy a prepaid Visa card.

Benefits of the Prepaid Visa Card

The prepaid Visa card offers a range of advantages, such as:

  • Ease of payments: The prepaid Visa card is accepted by most retailers worldwide. One can also make purchases using the prepaid Visa debit card through the Internet or phone.


  • Cash availability: Like any debit card, the pre-paid Visa card allows you to collect cash from approximately one million ATMs worldwide.


  • Security: Purchasing through the pre paid Visa card takes place in a highly secure environment. Visa prepaid card security facility prevents unauthorized purchases and protection against use of lost or stolen cards.


  • Financial control: The Visa prepaid card helps you manage your finances. With the Visa prepaid card you can spend only what you have loaded in the card, limiting over-spending. Moreover, you can monitor the spending through detailed payment lists accessible through the Internet or phone.

Types of Prepaid Visa Cards

Several types of prepaid Visa debit cards are available to meet the varying needs of customers:

  • Visa gift cards: An individual can gift a Visa prepaid gift card with a preloaded amount.
  • Visa Buxx card: This prepaid Visa card is especially tailored to meet financial needs of teenagers and students. It allows parents to load the card with a fixed amount and monitor the spending of their wards. A Visa Buxx prepaid card is certainly safer than carrying cash.
  • Visa TravelMoney: This prepaid Visa card offers benefits of both travelers checks and debit cards. Additional features of this pre-paid Visa card include travel emergency assistance and lost luggage reimbursement. Visa offers the flexibility to reload the card from any destination using your checking account or credit card.
  • Visa Healthcare Cards: This product is exclusively available in the US. It allows US residents easy access to the health savings account (HSA) for payment of deductibles, co-payments and medicinal expenses. Visa offers three products under this range,the Health Savings Account card, Flexible Spending Account and Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

Prepaid Visa Card: Visa ReadyLink Service

Visa ReadyLink service is a specialty service that helps to reload the Visa prepaid card instantly. This service enables the cardholder to reload the Visa prepaid card at popular purchasing destinations. The cardholder pays the amount to a Visa -authorized participating merchant, who in turn loads the card with equivalent purchasing power. However, it is essentialthat your prepaid card is loaded with ReadyLink enabled-features to avail this service.

‘Prepaid Visa Card’ is a trade mark of Visa.

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