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The Visa Rewards Card offers one of the most comprehensive global rewards programs available. Potential cardholders should apply for the Visa Rewards Card program that is provided by issuing banks in their country and most meets theirpersonal needs and interests. Issuing banks will take into account an applicant’s credit history and financial standing in theapproval of the rewards card application.

Visa Rewards Card: Types

Visa offers several rewards programs for its customers. Some of the most popular Visa rewards schemes available worldwide are:

Airline rewards: Visa has associations with major international airlines to offer special privileges to Visa rewards card users. The Visa rewards card allows the user to earn points against credit card purchases. The accumulated points can beredeemed for extra miles, ticket upgrades and other exclusive offers. Platinum and Black Visa card users have the privilege of accessing the VIP lounge at major international airports.

Hotel rewards: Use the Visa rewards card to earn points for free nights at hotels or booking upgrades. An individualcan earn two points for each dollar spent.

Cash Back: A cash back Visa rewards card provides rebates on every purchase. Users can earn cash back for purchasingmerchandise, gasoline, grocery, etc., from partnering merchants. Cash back facility is also available on online purchases. Occasionally, Visa offers unique discounts for purchasing with partnering branded outlets. It can include extended cash back or gifts.

Support for school or charity: Visa offers special rewards cards to promote social causes. One can donate points earnedthrough such Visa rewards schemes to a specific organization. Visa has also issued special rewards card for global causes, suchas environment protection and climate control.

Disney rewards Visa card: One can redeem points earned for discounts at Disneyland. One can also earn a stay at the Disney hotels, discounted theme park tickets, Disney DVDs and toys.

Visa Rewards Card: Visa Extras

Visa Extras is a special loyalty rewards program for invited customers. It allows the user to earn one point for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. One can redeem these points for reward benefits on hotel reservations, dining and purchase of electronic goods.

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