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October 6, 2010HSBC Credit Cardsby EconomyWatch


The HSBC credit card application process allows an individual to pre-qualify for the card which s/he intends to buy. This feature reduces the probability of later disapproval by the bank authority. Also, HSBC ensures a secured online environment to protect the applicant’s personal and financial information.

Stages of HSBC Credit Card Application

An individual has to go through several stages to apply for the HSBC credit card:

Eligibility criteria: HSBC credit card is not available to every individual. The bank has its own procedure to scrutinize customers’ applications. However, if you have good financial standing and credit history, there is a high probability that your HSBC credit card application will be approved. One should be aware that that by applying for a credit card, s/he authorizes HSBC to obtain personal and financial information from credit bureaus.

Where to apply: Interested people can contact the nearest HSBC branch to apply for a credit card. Another method is to visit the regional HSBC website and apply online.

Online application form: Before filing the HSBC credit card application form, the bank requires you to pre-qualify for a card. An individual has to provide the required personal information through a secured online form. Based on this information, a range of HSBC credit cards are displayed before you as possible options. Choose a card based on your personal purchasing requirements. You can review each card to obtain detailed information. Read the terms and conditions of the specific card that you choose to buy before submitting your final choice. Fill in any additional information as required by the HSBC credit card application form to complete the process.

Approval: An application with sound credit history is readily approved by HSBC. However, the credit limit and benefitsare regulated by the bank to reduce the risk of monetary loss.

A person with unsteady credit history can qualify for a secured HSBC credit card. Here, the cardholder will have to deposit the credit amount in to a savings account in advance. This reduces the financial risk to the bank and allows the cardholder to build a strong credit line. However, if your HSBC credit card application gets disapproved, the bank will send a letter detailing the reasons for disapproval. In either case, the applicant’s personal information is not shared by HSBC.

  • Card Activation: Upon approval, the selected credit card is delivered to the mailing address of the customer within 10 business days.

HSBC boasts complete transparency in its credit card application process and allotment. However, it is essential for the customer to read through the terms and conditions of credit card usage. This will save them from potential losses and help in efficient use of the HSBC credit card.

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