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June 29, 2010Airline Industryby EconomyWatch


The Airline Industry encompasses a single aircraft conveying cargo articles and mail to different places to the numerous aircrafts carrying passengers to the different parts of the world. Services of the Airline industry can be segregated as domestic, regional, within the continent or travel between continents. A thorough analysis of the Airline industry will essentially comprise all of the above. Records show that the demand for airline travel has been increasing. 1950 through 1960 manifested a trend when the yearly growth was consistent at approximately 15%. Airline industry showed yearly growth ranging between 5% to 6% consistently in the 80s and the 90s. However, rate of growth cannot be expected to remain same throughout due to several factors. Deregulation being one of the reasons. Deregulation in the Airline industry led to flexibility in the prices of the airline tickets. Consequently, the airfares nosedived at times escalating the airway traffic.

In some countries the Airline industry is regulated by the Government. In countries, where the Airline industry is privatized, many norms and regulations as laid forward by the Government has to be complied with. These norms and regulations have been framed keeping in mind the safety, political as well as economic aspects. The Airline industry trend shows that during the period 2000 through 2002, 6% profit was enjoyed by the Airline industry, as much as 10% to 13% was gained by companies in the catering sector, manufacturers of aircraft gained by 16%, airports gained by 10% etc.,. The Airline ticket costs are inclusive of the taxes, different kinds of fees and surcharges wherever applicable.

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