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The Coles Source Card is offered by MasterCard and is accepted at approximately 28 million establishments around the world.

Coles Group initially merged with the Myer Emporium Limited in 1985 and was known as the Coles Myer Limited. However, thismerger ended in 2005 and the present Coles Group Limited was established. It is a public retail company and is the second major retailer in Australia, after Woolworths Limited.

Coles Source Card: Features and Benefits

Coles Source Card comes with a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • No yearly fees.

  • Interest free credit period of up to 62 days.

  • Balance Transfers rate of 0% for the initial six months.

  • Annual interest rate of 18.99% on purchases and 21.99% on cash.

  • Easy payment option through post or direct debit from a savings or checking account.

  • Special offers in the form of interest free credit period, ranging between 3 and 48 months on purchases at select Coles Group outlets.
  • Coles Source Card: Rewards

    The rewards offered on the Coles Source Card include:

    • Discount on fuel of up to 8 cents.

    • Interest-free shopping offers and invitation to fashion and shopping events.

    • Earn double FlyBuys points on every $5 spent with the card at Coles Group outlets.

    • Rewards and offers on over 16 major brands across 1,800 locations.

    Coles Source Card: Restrictions

    There are certain restrictions on the Coles Source Card, such as:

    • It has a high interest rate on purchases and cash advances.

    • It does not have an actual branch or customer service counter.

    • Only permanent Australian residents can apply for this card, business visa holders are not eligible.

    • A person should be above 18 years to apply for this card.

    Coles Source Card: How to Apply?

    The Coles Source Card can be applied for online by anyone with a good credit rating. An applicant has to provide informationregarding income and employment, as well as identity proof. Details of the landlord, including address and contact number, alsoneed to be furnished, in case the applicant lives in a rented home.

    The Coles Source Card offers an Internet account management system that facilitates the review of transaction history, updateson personal details, checking account balances and request for an increase in the credit limit.

    ‘Coles Group Card’ is a trademark of Coles Group Limited, who can be found at

    ‘MasterCard’ is a trademark of MasterCard Company, who can be found at

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