Modern Banking Law

September 8, 2010Banking Lawby EconomyWatch


Modern banking law consists of the legal doctrines by which the various banking operations should abide by. The modern law requires the banking sector to comply by the doctrines.

The modern law throws great deal of light on the economic services in the banking industry.

This law governs the modern banking operations

It's relates to the different norms with regard to customer and banker relationships, different credit and the different loan agreements and terms which are operational.

Keeping in mind the electronic age, the modern banking law also takes care of the methods and processes involved in making payments electronically or by means of card.

Tst deals with securities regulation, financial regulation, customer or consumer credits.

The other areas of banking governed by the modern banking law include bank guarantees and also money misappropriation.

This law encompasses the following:

  • governs the regulatory authority, regulation process of the financial institution.

  • Guides the part played by the bank in the modern society or modern age and the different policies which need to be implemented or executed keeping in mind the modern audience.

  • Governs the methods by which the bridging of gaps between the commercial banks and the depository bodies take place.

  • The modern banking law also sees into the following areas of banking operations;

    • General provisions
    • Bank founding
    • Supervisory Standards
    • Financial Activities
    • Bank Bodies and Bank Management
    • Accounting and Auditing in banks.
    • Modern banking law also takes care of supervision and surveillance.
    • Control of the legitimacy in the functioning of legal entities and natural persons.
    • Business secret
    • Steps to improve the conditions of a bank
    • Bankruptcy proceeding
    • Liquidation method
    • Penalty clauses
    • Transitional and closing provisions

The modern banking law consists of all the banking laws which we find normally. The modern banking law consists of several articles.

Every article deals with a particular topic or norm related to a particular banking operation or service provided to the clients.

The articles of the modern banking law has several articles which serve as the legal framework within which the entire legal banking operations function.

Any deviation from the modern banking law entitles an individual as violating of the modern banking law.

For the smooth functioning of the modern banking law, the law should be carefully followed and one should abide by the guidelines provided in the modern banking law.

The electronic banking guidelines also have been taken care of in case of the modern banking law.

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