Ukraine Export, Import and Trade


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Britain and Ukraine trade talks

Oleksandr Horin, deputy foreign minister of Ukraine is supposed to have a meeting with a team of delegates from Quadripartite Committee of UK Parliament as per Ukraine export, import and trade news.

This Britain and Ukraine export, import and trade meeting would take place in Kyiv and would be regarding export control procedures that are in place in both these countries. They would also exchange their experiences in this area of export as per this Ukraine import and export information revealed by Vasyl Kyrylych, who is foreign ministry spokesman of Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine export, import and trade of gas

Russia has been a major exporter of gas to Ukraine but in recent times these relationships have appeared to be strained. Russia has tried to establish control over natural gas resources and network of Ukraine but these efforts have come away fruitless. It has also tried to export natural gas to Europe by finding a way around Ukraine but even that move has yielded no results.

Ukraine export and import of commodities in Q1 2009

As per data released by Ukraine State Committee of Statistics it has been learnt that in initial quarter of 2009 fiscal aggregate worth of goods and services exported by Ukraine was in excess of $8.33 billion. Aggregate worth of commodities imported by Ukraine in this period was $9.78 billion.

In its Ukraine import and export data State Committee of Statistics has revealed that percentage of grains in Ukraine export for first quarter of 2009 has gone up to 9.2 percent. In first quarter of 2008 fiscal this was 2.1 percent. Percentage of oilseeds in this export in first quarter of 2009 fiscal was 2.7 percent. In first quarter of 2008 this was 0.5 percent.

As per Ukraine trade statistics provided by State Committee of Statistics there are 189 trading partners of Ukraine. In this period it amounted for 19 percent of goods and services exported by Russia and 4.8 percent of Turkey’s exports. As far as imports go again Russia was first name. It was responsible for 20.5 percent of goods and services imported by Ukraine.