Turkmenistan Export, Import and Trade


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Germany and Turkmenistan trade of textiles

After advent of global financial downturn Germany and Turkmenistan export, import and trade of textiles has been hampered severely. Same could be said about other countries of Central Asia such as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Ukraine and Turkmenistan trade

According to latest Turkmenistan export, import and trade news Ukraine has been responsible for 7.1 percent of goods and services imported by Turkmenistan.

USA and Turkmenistan export, import and trade

Turkmenistan import and export reports have revealed that along with Kazakhstan and India USA are also thinking highly of Turkmenistan as far as export and import possibilities are concerned.

Turkmenistan import and export of gas

Turkmenistan is a major exporter of gas to Russia. They have entered into a contract that states that Turkmenistan would have to export its gas resources to Russia. This contract is supposed to run till 2028 fiscal. However, recently Turkmenistan has made it clear that it would like to diversify its export options and routes as far as gas was concerned.

It is also supposed to export a considerable amount of gas resources to Iran as well as China. As per pledge of Turkmenistan export and import sector amount of gas to be exported to China is 30 billion cubic meters. This deal is supposed to run for three decades and gas would be provided through a pipeline that is 7,000 kilometers long.

Gazprom, a major business establishment of Russia has entered into a deal with Turkmenistan whereby it is importing gas from them while paying high prices.

Turkmenistan export and import 2008

In fiscal 2008 aggregate value of all goods and services exported by Turkmenistan was $9.887 billion. It primarily exported goods and services such as gas, textiles, crude oil, cotton fiber and petrochemicals. Its main export partners are Ukraine, Turkey and Iran.

At that same time combined financial worth of all goods and services imported by Turkmenistan was $5.291 billion. Goods and services primarily imported by Turkmenistan include machines and equipments, foodstuffs and chemicals. UAE is major import partner of Turkmenistan. Other important names in this regard are Russia and Turkey.