Tajikistan Export, Import and Trade


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Russia and Tajikistan trade of flour

Over years a number of business establishments in Russia have played an important role in context of Tajikistan export, import and trade by way of exporting flour.

One of such companies is PAVA. It is among four top Russian companies that export flour to Tajikistan as per Tajikistan import and export reports.

Tajikistan is among prominent importers of oil in Central Asian region. Its export sector has been impeded as a result of weaknesses in demand for Tajik goods and services.

India and Tajikistan trade of barley

Among countries in West Asia Tajikistan is a prominent exporter of barley based products as far as India is concerned.

USA and Tajikistan trade

Recently Tajikistan has signed a transit agreement with USA as per news from Tajikistan export, import and trade sector. This is an extremely important development for that sector of Tajik economy. Right now Tajikistan export, import and trade sector along with fellow Central Asian countries Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan is important as far as trade prospects of USA in this region is concerned.

Tajikistan export of hydropower

It has been learnt that as per CASA 1000 project Tajikistan would be exporting its additional hydropower to various countries in South Asia. Governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to build up regional market for electricity in cooperation with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Tajikistan import of food products and grain and petrochemicals

Tajikistan has traditionally been a major importer of grain and similar other food products from countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. It has also been importing petrochemicals on a regular basis from Georgia, Ukraine and Russia over years. These activities have received financial backing of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Cotton export of Tajikistan

As far as agricultural products are concerned cotton has been a major export item for Tajikistan. In conjunction with aluminum it has earned maximum amount of overseas revenue for Tajik economy. However, nowadays prices of cotton have gone down as a result of ongoing global economic slowdown. This has also forced Tajik government to introduce some alterations to its cotton policies.