Nicaragua Export, Import and Trade


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America and Nicaragua trade of clothing

A number of American business establishments are trying to venture into fabrics industry of Nicaragua for purposes of export according to Nicaragua export, import and trade news.

Venezuela and Nicaragua export, import and trade

In recent times, according to Nicaragua import and export reports, Venezuela has been a major trading partner of this Central American country. Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, has adopted a rather progressive role in this role by forming several organizations to facilitate bilateral trade between these two Latin American countries.

Iran and Nicaragua export, import and trade

Further Nicaragua export, import and trade news has revealed that prime minister of Iran, Ahmadinejad, has been keen on strengthening trading relations with revolutionary economies that are emerging on horizon such as Nicaragua. He has even taken several steps in that regard.

European Union and Nicaragua trade of bananas

Until recently European Union had been a major importer of bananas from Central and South American countries such as Nicaragua. However, of late Nicaragua have pulled out of this banana trade with European Union and have rejoined regional association for trading of bananas in Central America.

Market potential of Nicaragua

In Nicaragua market conditions are not exactly ideal as far as exports or their well being is concerned. Taxes imposed on goods and services exported by Nicaragua are on higher side and this, a number of economists believe, would be detrimental to their overall economic progress.

Nicaragua export of seafood to Russia

It is expected that from July 2009 onwards Nicaragua would be exporting seafood like shrimps and lobsters to Russia. This export activity would be initiated once Nicaragua is able to obtain necessary quality and sanitary certifications. These certifications would be provided to sea food exporting companies in Nicaragua by an inspection team from Russia.

A few days ago Russia and Nicaraguan governments signed a memorandum of understanding regarding commercialization of fish products. This MoU would be governing transport of sea food to Russia from Nicaragua, which is expected to kick off from mid of 2009 fiscal. This is supposed to be an excellent opportunity at economic development as far as Nicaragua is concerned as per beliefs of authorities in higher echelons of Nicaraguan governance.