Malta Export, Import and Trade


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Malta trade of tuna

Azzopardi Fisheries and fisheries cooperatives in Malta have signed a deal that would enable this company to export tuna caught by trawlers as per news on Malta export, import and trade. Tuna has been occupied an important space in scheme of Malta export, import and trade. Now that Maltese tuna is selling for high prices it could only mean good for overall Malta import and export.

Malta export of renewable energy technology

In news on Malta export, import and trade Recowatt, which is a prominent Maltese business establishment dealing in renewable energy technologies, plans to export various products manufactured by it.

This news on Malta import and export also reiterates that this decision has been taken as a reaction to fact that Malta Resources Authority does not acknowledge these innovations. This company is also aiming to send photovoltaic panels made by it to various countries in North Africa.

Malta export potential

Malta had become a member of European Union on 1st May, 2004. This has helped their import and export sectors to a significant extent. This is especially true as far as Malta export scenario is concerned.

Malta export of stones and re-usable materials

As per presently operative Maltese laws of export it is not permitted to send out stones or other re-usable materials. There are certain companies that are however advocating alterations to Malta export laws so that projects intended to make use of re-usable waste material can be credible from a financial point of view.

2009 Malta import and export

Malta export as well as import has declined in initial quarter of 2009 fiscal, especially when seen against first quarter of 2008 fiscal. These figures have been brought out by National Statistics Office.