Fiji Export, Import and Trade


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Fiji trade advice

Latest Fiji export, import and trade news have confirmed that Fiji exporters are now being egged on to adopt a more aggressive stance as far as promotion and export of their products in international markets is concerned.

Need for exploration of markets

It has been opined by Ashwant Dwivedi who used to be a business development manager at Embassy of Fiji that it is important for overall well being of Fiji export, import and trade to check out viability of market opportunities available outside Fiji. They also need to be mindful of quality of goods being exported by them as in present day financial world people are looking for perfection and there is very little margin for error.

Devaluation of dollars

Decrease in value of United States dollars is a good thing for Fiji export, import and trade scenario as far as Ashwant Dwivedi is concerned as this devaluation presents exporters in Fiji an opportunity to make more profits.

Fiji tuna export

As per latest reports on Fiji export scenario, export of tunas from Fiji to markets in Canada has been affected in a negative way. Rate of decline in this case has been pretty significant.

Fiji shrimp export

USA has recently provided Fiji with its seal of approval as far as exporting shrimps is concerned. It is one of 39 countries that have been provided with this approval. On other hand, Fiji imports shrimps with an aggregate value of $30 million. Fiji government has always tried to reduce amount of shrimps imported by it.

Kava export of Fiji

Kava has traditionally been a major medicine for anxiety related ailments. Fiji has been a major producer of this medicine but it has not been able to export it in markets in Europe, Canada and United Kingdom. This has affected Fijian economy to a significant extent.

Export potential of Fiji

According to leading market experts like Steve Cordeiro Fiji export sector has capabilities that are necessary to catapult it to top of ladder and assume a major portion of global markets. He has reiterated that as of now market conditions are ideal as far as advancement of Fiji import and export is concerned.