El Salvador Export, Import and Trade



Present condition of El Salvador trade

As of now exports of El Salvador have been falling at a steady rate as per El Salvador export, import and trade news. It has been reported that this rate is 11.7 percent. This report has also confirmed that rate of decline as far as El Salvador import of intermediate goods is concerned is 25.7 percent. Much of this situation has been blamed on present global economic conditions.


Maquilas in El Salvador

A major portion of people responsible for El Salvador export, import and trade are owners of maquilas, which import intermediate goods. These maquilas also export manufactured goods. In case of maquilas major export partners are USA. Most of these business establishments deal with clothing. They basically perform reassembling functions with main purpose of exporting them.

El Salvador and Calvo Group

Calvo Group is a major name in world of packed tuna fish products. It is a Spanish company that also has operations in El Salvador and 90 percent of its products made in El Salvador are exported to various countries in Europe. However, these operations could be hampered if El Salvador is not able to keep various tariff benefits that are accorded to it by European Union as per Generalised System of Preferences System.

El Salvador export import 2008

In 2008 fiscal El Salvador exported goods and services worth $4.55 billion. It primarily sent out goods and services such as offshore assembly exports, ethanol, coffee, chemicals, sugar, electricity, textiles and apparel, iron and steel manufactures and gold.

In that same period aggregate value of all goods and services imported by El Salvador was $9.75 billion. Its major import items were raw materials, foodstuffs, consumer goods, petroleum, capital goods, electricity and fuels.

El Salvador export, import and trade partners

Traditionally USA has been major export and import partners of El Salvador. In 2007 fiscal it was responsible for 51 percent of goods and services exported from that country and 35.7 percent of goods and services imported from that country. Some other prominent export and import partners of El Salvador are Guatemala and Mexico.