Denmark Export, Import and Trade


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Denmark trade and Maruti Suzuki

Indian auto manufacturers Maruti Suzuki have decided to export its A-Star cars in Denmark as per Denmark export, import and trade sector news. Even though this is supposed to be for financial benefit of Maruti Suzuki it would help Denmark import sector as well.

Denmark pig export

A major area of Denmark export sector is pig. Denmark has been exporting most of its pigs to Germany. Trading activities had reached their peak in March and April 2009 when pigs were exported at a rate of 52 full trucks on a daily basis. In March 2009 as many as 624,000 pigs had been sent to Germany.

It is expected that figures for April 2009 would be similar. On a weekly basis this figure is close to 30,000 pigs. However, on flipside this enormous amount of pigs being exported to Germany has caused major slaughter companies such as Danish Crown to advocate reduction of wages so that workforce of domestic industry could be preserved.

Denmark import and Bangladesh shipping company

Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Limited are expected to export another ship to Denmark. According to latest news from Denmark import sector this activity is likely to be executed as of 10th May. This ship has been named Stella Moon. Denmark along with Germany and Mozambique has placed orders worth $316.64 million for 34 vessels that would be fit for traveling in oceans.

Denmark export credit insurance scheme

European Union has provided its approval to a plan that has been brought about in order to rescue Danish exporters from aftereffects of global financial crises. As per this plan insurance cover would be provided in case of export credit. As a result of this plan Danish export companies such as Eksport Kredit Fonden, which is a prominent export credit agency of Denmark, would be providing insurance to exporters in addition with private insurance services providers. They would be accountable for a certain amount of risks their clients are exposed to, as well.

Denmark export and import 2008

In 2008 aggregate value of goods and services exported by Denmark was $119.5 billion and on a whole it imported goods and services worth $120.7 billion. Traditionally its major export and import partner had been Germany.