Congo Export, Import and Trade


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Prospects of Congo trade

Congo export, import and trade sectors are likely to receive a boost following meeting of representatives of chambers of commerce in West African countries. These people are convening in Senegal to find out various ways in which exports from this region could be increased.

Tin export of Congo

Tin has always been a major name in context of Congo import, export and trade sectors. Under normal circumstances tin produced in Congo is sent to Mombasa, among major ports in Kenya, via Rwanda and Uganda. Much of this tin is produced in South and North Kivu in Congo. However, in recent times this tin export business is being threatened by unlawful export of similar products from eastern part of Congo where situation of law and order is not exactly ideal.

Mineral and oil export of Congo

Minerals have always been major commodities of export in case of Congo. It has also been extremely important from point of view of Congolese economy by virtue of being its premier earner of foreign currency.

Export of oil is also a major source of income for Congo. Along with minerals export of oil makes up 60 percent of all goods exported from Congo. Copper is major mineral that is exported by Congo.

Congo export, import and trade reality

A number of experts on Congo export, import and trade sector have stated that a country like Congo has to export various raw materials as it is incapable of processing them. With money generated from these exports they then have to import finished goods.

There are also some teething problems that are being faced by export and import sector of Congo or rather its export and import partners to be more precise. In recent years it has been observed that amount of delay being faced at various important locations such as weighbridges and border posts has gone up. However, it should also be mentioned that Congo is not only one in this regard and there are other East African countries such as Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.

Trade with Uganda

In recent times after resumption of peace volume of trade between Uganda and Congo has increased. This rate of increase has been astonishing as well as better than what had been expected.