Forex Signals – Best Free Forex Signals for the UK in 2021

If you’re tired of an endless search for the best forex signals, you’re in the right place. This article will help you choose the most suitable trading signals.

We briefly mention all the signals and then discuss each of them in detail. You also get tips on how to use forex trading signals. With that in mind, let’s dive in.

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Top 10 Forex Signals UK 2021

  1. Learn2Trade  — Best Trading Signals Overall 
  2. 1000Pip Builder  — Top Value MT4 Forex Signals  
  3. Direct Forex Signals  — Best Value In-App Signals
  4. Forex GDP  — High Signal Frequency
  5. WeTalkTrade  — Best Live Forex Signals
  6. Zero to Hero  — Suitable For Every Time Zone
  7. PipsWin  — Lowest Subscription Cost
  8. eToro  — User-Friendly Interface
  9. ZuluTrade  — Free & Fully Operational Demo Account 
  10. MQL5  — Best Signals For MT5

Best Forex Trading Signals 2021

The web is full of controversial information about forex trading signals. That’s why we’ve hand-picked and sorted out the best trading signals for you.

Some providers claim a success rate of 99%; others set 5000PIPs monthly… Where is the truth, whom should you trust?  The answer is simple: trust your head over your heart. Don’t look for mountains of gold  —  there are none. But there is a list of reliable signals you should check on.

1. Learn2Trade  — Best Trading Signals Overall

Learn2Trade is one of the most reliable UK providers of forex signals on the market: the platform offers deep real-time analysis, ideas, and strategies. You can find the whole range of useful information in their Telegram channel. More than 25,000 members enjoy VIP signals for free along with trending news, extensive technical reports.

Learn2Trade has three popular options to get up to speed.

Lifetime subscription  — pay once, enjoy forever; It costs around $350, and you get 5 VIP signals daily. They usually contain information about an entry point, take-profit & stop-loss levels and risk/reward ratio evaluation, etc.

A monthly subscription costs roughly $50, and you get the same value. A biannual plan is billed with a six-month cadence and has the best value/price ratio; It’s the most popular billing option.
Learn2Trade forex signals UK
While many providers make hyperbole claims about their become-rich-over-the-night signals, Learn2trade yields consistent outcomes with an average monthly gain of 35%. It’s better to underpromise and over-deliver rather than the other way around.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of Learn2Trade


  • Verified success rate
  • Monthly gains of 35% on average
  • 25,000+ members in the L2T Telegram channel
  • 3 VIP signals per week for free, up to 5 VIP signals daily for subscribed members
  • Transparent about wins & losses
  • A variety of market analysis strategies
  • 12+ years of experience


  • You have to use signals manually

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

2.eToro  — User-Friendly Interface

eToro has not only a good marketing strategy but also a knack for technical analysis. Even though the platform provides free real-time signals, we recommend them due to their copy trading option. You can copy strategies of other traders to sky-rocket your portfolio. To make it even safer, set the stop-loss level for the copy. To start trading with their free signals or copy trades, you need a funded account. The minimal deposit is $200.

The best feature of eToro is its user-friendly interface: It doesn’t look overstuffed or complicated.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of eToro


  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly platform
  • Highly rated app
  • Reflect the trades of an experienced forex investor
  • Heavily regulated by the first-level licensing authorities (FCA, CySEC, and ASIC)
  • You have a wide range of assets to trade


  • You can’t evaluate each trading decision because the system is automated
  • Controversial customer relations

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

3. Direct Forex Signals — Best Value In-app Signals

Direct Forex Signals is a UK-based trading company with more than eight years of experience. Two main features of this platform are a 30-day money-back guarantee and affordable prices. A monthly fee is as low as $35. If you go for a biannual plan, the price nosedives to $20 per month.

You can take their signals for a spin with no risk. In case your expectations are higher than the results of Direct Forex Signals, contact the support team to request a full refund. Mostly, however, their signals work a treat.

A quick comparison of pros and cons of Direct Forex Signals


  • 89% signal delivery success
  • You can get signals via Telegram
  • Up to 5 signals daily
  • More than 8 years on the market
  • If you’re not satisfied with signals, you can get your money back within 30 days


  • Lack of on-site track records

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

4. Forex GDP — High Signal Frequency

Forex GDP claims up to 95% signal accuracy; This is astonishing because they post around 8 to 14 signals daily. You can have them work in your favor for free. As the platform exclaims, “try for free, let the results speak.”

Free Premium  Supreme
Target Month  90 to 150 PIPs 300 to 700 PIPs 700 to 1500 PIPs
Trade Signal 2 to 4 signals 8 to 14 signals 16 to 25 signals

Signals are provided via the Telegram channel. More than 13,000 members use signals, news, and educational materials.

A quick comparison of pros and cons of Forex GDP


  • Signal frequency
  • High claimed win rate (80% to 95%)
  • Offer free signals
  • 13,000+ subscribers in Telegram
  • Archived Forex Signal Results


  • Relatively high price
  • Lack of transparency

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

5. WeTalkTrade  — Best Live Forex Signals

With more than 2000 profit PIPs every month, this platform offers both free and paid signals.

WeTalkTrade claims an 80% success rate, constant support services, convenience, and instant notifications via a mobile app. For automated trading lovers, there is an expert trading robot for MT4 & MT5. You can set the copy trading and mind your own business.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of WeTalkTrade


  • Live forex signals
  • Free and premium subscriptions
  • Take-profit and stop-loss levels provided for all assets
  • Relatively high win rate (80%)


  • Poor support

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

6. Zero to Hero  —  Suitable For Every Time Zone

Zero to Hero is tailored for newbies or medium-experienced traders. The platform’s target is 300PIPs monthly. The only significant drawback of Zero to Hero is price: while others boast prices as low as $20, only a few people can justify paying almost a hundred dollars every month.

In terms of results, Zero to Hero knocks it out of the park; They provide up to 10 signals daily with an average success rate of 80%.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of Zero to Hero


  • An experienced company, 10+ years on the market
  • Consistent results
  • Relatively high signal frequency
  • Target 300 PIPs monthly
  • Responsive, 24/7 support
  • Transparent about all the trades


  • Cost $97 monthly

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

7. PipsWin — Lowest Subscription Cost

PipsWin boasts the lowest fee on the list. Just imagine, you can have paid signals for as low as $20 monthly. Sounds alluring, right? There is always BUT.  Although the provider yields great results to its traders, there is almost no information about the people or strategies behind the project.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of PipsWin


  • Paid subscription cost as low as $20 per month
  • High-quality forex signals
  • Provide additional information about analysis & trading


  • Lack of information about team and strategies
  • Poor customer support

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

8.1000Pip Builder — Top Value MT4 Forex Signals


1000pip Builder is one of the best-automated trading experiences on the market: they provide the best forex signals UK, especially, if you consider 100% passive forex trading.

To benefit from automated trading, you have to install a third-party platform (for example, MT4 or MT5) and activate the 1000pip Builder subscription plan. Then, the system sends you signals in a special form called a forex expert advisor (EA). You install the file, and MT4 does all the job: processes the signals, places suggested orders and sets the risk levels.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of 1000Pip Builder


  • Experts double-check all signals to ensure the optimal performance
  • Easy-to-understand FAQ
  • No limitation on which signals you can follow. Any subscription = any signal
  • An abundance of 5-star reviews
  • You can get signals via text or email


  • You can’t use signals on other platforms

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

9. ZuluTrade — Free Fully Operational Demo Account

ZuluTrade is a brilliant platform for beginners. As a newbie, you can set a demo account and try out different signals. Alternatively, you have an option to copy more seasoned traders.

In case you want to start copy trading right away,  you need $100 for the first deposit. Once you’ve funded an account, you can find a whole range of seasoned traders to choose from. If you don’t, Zulu helps you to pick the best strategy to follow.

The best thing about ZuluTrading is constant development. The platform offers such features as EA through MT4 software, VPS, etc. You can even copy trade crypto here!

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of ZuluTrade


  • The broad pull of traders to copy their strategies
  • Great risk management both for beginners & seasoned traders
  • 100% free fully-fledged demo trading account
  • Low deposit ($100)


  • You can’t integrate your brokerage

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

10. MQL5 — Best Signals For MT5

The main advantage of MQL5 is diversity and uniqueness. It works with MT4 and MT5, which makes it one of the most convenient platforms for automated forex trading. Working with MQL5, you get a web terminal to cover technical analysis, trading facility, and an open marketplace for trading applications, hosting services, etc.

The service price ranges between $20 to $50; all the results claimed are verified. The platform also allows copy trading.

A quick comparison of the pros and cons of MQL5


  • Smooth and flexible user experience
  • Direct execution (through MetaTrader)
  • Strong security system
  • Many free signals available to choose from
  • Easy-to-understand interface


  • Do not store long track records
  • Trading stats lack details

Please note that this provider does not guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk.

Forex Signals Fees Compared

A quick & overall comparison of all the options listed above.

Broker Fee Type of Signal Signals Frequency
Learn2Trade Free \ Paid

From $50, billed monthly

Telegram app 3 to 5 daily
1000pip Builder From $97, billed monthly MT4 Robot 2 to 7 daily
Direct Forex Signals From $42, billed monthly In-app signal Up to 15 daily
Forex GDP Free \ Paid

From $74, billed monthly

In-app signal 8 to 14 daily
WeTalkTrade Free \ Paid In-app signal 3 to 4 daily
Zero to Hero From $95, billed monthly Telegram app 4 to 10 daily
PipsWin From $20, billed monthly Telegram app 5 to 8 daily
eToro From $200, deposit Copy trading
Zulu Trade From $200, deposit Copy trading
MQL5 From $30, deposit Copy trading

What Are Forex Trading Signals?

A forex trading signal is a recommendation based on analysis. It helps traders make decisions related to a trading portfolio to maximize profit. Signals can help you with the following:

  1. Which securities to trade
  2. Whether to buy or sell an asset
  3. When to enter or exit the market

Namely, high-quality signals contain accurate information about FX pair, entry, order, stop-loss, take-profit, and more. Signals can even predict possible profit if you follow the instructions precisely.

How Do Forex Trading Signals Work?

From a professional point of view, a signal is an analysis of candlestick patterns. Candlesticks are a way of reflecting information about the price of an asset (the bars you see on a chart). Here is what a candlestick might look like.

what are candlesticks in forex trading

The market is a collection of several candlesticks. They always adjust according to the current situation on the market.

candlesticks & forex market

Several candle combinations form patterns:

inverted hammer crypto signal

Popular patterns have names. In the picture above is a so-called bearish engulfing. An analyst will conclude that the pattern signifies a sluggishness in price movement. What’s the bottom line? A market crash is on the horizon. The lower the red candle descends, the stronger the trend is expected to be.

There are hundreds if not thousands of patterns. Even though predictions do not hold true 100% of the time, experts use technical analysis to predict the market’s behavior over the long run. The first signals emerged as a consequence of accurate calculations and expert hypotheses.

Nowadays, almost 80% of the market is operated by algorithmic trading. Computers calculate, analyze and perform on the market, but they are still regulated and adjusted by analysts. A good setup yields an accurate trading signal that can bring you profits, while inexperienced analysts provide poor analysis, which leads to bad signals. That’s why you should choose your signal provider carefully.

What happens when you decide to use signals

  1. You join some trade signal platform\provider. Either for free or paid, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Receive your signal via Telegram group or another channel. The signal contains information about entry, exit, stop-loss orders. 
  3. You use this signal to place the order via your broker. 
  4. Your trade will close automatically when certain conditions are met, for example, take-profit or stop-loss price is triggered.

How To Pick The Best Forex Signals UK?

Picking top-notch signals affects your profit directly: the quality of signals determines whether you’ll make money or not. Pay attention to these six aspects when opting for a signal:

  1. Free trials & Moneyback
  2. Record tracking
  3. Pricing model
  4. Time zones matter     
  5. Your trading goals
  6. Extra services

Free trials & Moneyback

A fully-fledged test drive plays a vital role in establishing your arsenal of tools. No up-front payments, yet 100% functionality is a sign of a potentially successful signal. Well-established platforms often guarantee 100% moneyback in case you insist on it. This indicates that the platform is confident in what it provides. Learn2Trade, for instance, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, no debate.

Make sure the incoming trading information is reliable first. On the other hand, if the company forces you to buy signals, you may want to think twice about the quality.

Record tracking

Although signals are ready-to-use solutions, you still should analyze the situation. Trading history can tell a lot about how a particular signal performs now and what the overall quality is. Pay attention to whether or not third parties participate in the verification process (this is rather about small companies than sustainable exchanges). If not… Well, call it a red flag.

Pricing Model

What payment options does the platform offer for its services? You may encounter many options, but three forms of payment are the most popular: lifetime subscription, periodic subscriptions, and one-off fee. With that in mind, let’s dive in.

You can see a quick comparison of different pricing models below:

Lifetime subscription Billed periodically One-off fee
Price Medium Medium+ Medium
Reliability Medium+ High Low

A lifetime subscription is exactly what it sounds like: you make a single payment and use services as long as you want: unlimited access, updates, features, etc. Looks alluring, but it’s not, at least when it comes to forex signals. Think about it: a platform already got your money… Why then would the provider develop and maintain high-quality signals? It’s not always the case, though.

A periodic subscription is the best option if you deal with trading signals. You can pay the signal provider every month, quarter, year, or twice a year. Some platforms offer payment once a week; but, in most cases, they are scammers, so avoid them. When you continuously pay a company, it has an incentive to develop. It’s in the company’s interest to maintain high-quality signals which will bring profit to clients. In this case, happy clients return again and again to subscribe or buy additional services.

A one-off fee is the worst option possible. This form of payment usually implies a special mini-program you install on an electronic trading platform like MT4. Basically, a one-off fee is the same as a lifetime subscription, but without renewable services, updates, etc. It is better to avoid this form of payment because there is no incentive to deliver to you only profitable signals: a platform has already made a profit.

Time zones matter

Signals are valid for a short period. If you’re sleeping when signals come in, what’s the point? Ensure that the signal provider is in the same time zone (or at least comfortable for you).

Your trading goals

Your trading style always plays a crucial role. Some signals couple well with aggressive short-term trading strategies, while others match a long-term, steady growth vision. Experienced traders prefer signal combinations. Think about your master plan, what you want to achieve, and how. Focusing solely on money won’t help.

Extra services

Thanks to its growth over the years, the crypto market has a lot of signals available. Some of them offer extra services at a similar cost. Always check new companies, even if you’re satisfied with the current signal quality. Decent and best are not the same, are they?

Getting Started With Forex Trading Signals UK

Step 1: Sign up at Learn2Trade

Once you land on the website, click on the GET VIP FOREX SIGNALS.  

Get VIP Forex Signals Learn2trade

This button is in the top right corner. Click on it to open the VIP signal page.

Learn2trade VIP signals

Click on the GET VIP FOREX SIGNALS yellow button again to open the pricing menu. The picture below demonstrates how it looks.

Learn2Trade VIP signals prices

You have five options to choose from: monthly billing, quarterly billing, bi-annually billing, lifetime subscription, and separate swing trading group. Read the description to understand which option suits your goals.

Step 2: Join Learn2Trade Telegram Group

Learn2Trade Telegram channel

Join the channels to get 3 VIP signals a week,  unlock entry price, and more. You’ll also get daily technical analysis & weekly webinars, alerts on recent events  — all for free. 

Step 3: Run Your Forex Demo Account

Once you’ve joined the Learn2Trade Telegram channel, you’ll have to set up a demo account. The best place where you can do it is ZuluTrade. This platform offers fully-fledged demo accounts for free. You may have a lot of practice, ideas, or insights about trading. Go over and explore the interface of the site, check on menus, look through tabs. Leave no places out of your sight, up and down: it’ll help to understand trading itself a bit more.

Look at some examples of major FX currency pairs listed on ZuluTrade.

Step 4: Utilize Signals via Your Demo Account

Once you get the first signals from the Learn2Trade Telegram channel, it’s time to put them to practice. Open the signal and look for the specific FX pair recommendation. That could be any pair. Depending on that, open a trading window for this pair in your ZuluTrade demo account.

Enter all the data specified in the signal and press OK. Congratulations! You’ve completed your first trade with the use of forex signals.

You may want to continue training with demo accounts or to fund a real account and benefit from signals. Either way, don’t rush, think about it.

Learn2trade – Best Forex Signals UK 

Get Forex Signals

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

Zulu Trade – An Alternative To Forex Trading Signals UK

Even though Learn2Trade brings the most value to the forex trading signals market, the platform is not almighty. For example, If you’re a fan of automated trading, Learn2Trade won’t help you out because it’s not their niche… They provide signals for manual use, directly through your phone. Convenience over speed.

To trade in an automated manner, you can use another platform called ZuluTrade. This platform is tailored to help beginners to copy the trades of others (more experienced traders).

Say you have an extra $1000 but don’t have time to go through investment or trading books. You want to keep it as simple as it could be…Let’s suppose you invest this $1000 in an experienced forex trader’s strategy. In this scenario, the trader uses 15% of his portfolio to add positions on GBP/USD with a leverage of 1:2. If you replicate his trade, you will earn 15% of $1000, or $150. Assuming a 20% gain on that deal, your stake of $150 results in a profit of $30. Apply the leverage of 1:2 now. The profit would be $60 in total.

That was an example of relatively safe trade, but there are hundreds or even thousands of seasoned traders. Some of the risky, some conservative, others  — combination of both. It’s up to you how you want to trade. In general, copy trading prevents great losses and gives you time to integrate yourself into the world of finances.

Zulu Trade – #1 Alternative To Forex Signals –  Free Demo Account

Create account

Trading CFDs with Zulu you should consider the high risks of losing your money.


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