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Full Dataset: From Year 1980 to 2019
Date of Last Update: 17th March 2015
Population: 1,816,379 (July 2014 est.)
Area: total: 360 sq km ; land: 360 sq km ; water: 0 sq km
Natural Resources: arable land, natural gas

Israeli security controls imposed since the end of the second intifada have degraded economic conditions in the Gaza Strip, the smaller of the two areas comprising the Palestinian territories. Israeli-imposed border closures, which became more restrictive after HAMAS seized control of the territory in June 2007, have resulted in high unemployment, elevated poverty rates, and a sharp contraction of the private sector that had relied primarily on export markets. Gazans increasingly turned to tunnels that ran under the Egyptian border to bring in fuel, construction materials, and consumer goods. In July 2013, Egyptian authorities began a serious crackdown on the tunnels, causing shortages in Gaza. The population depends on government spending - by both the Palestinian Authority and HAMAS's de facto government - and humanitarian assistance. Changes to Israeli restrictions on imports in 2010 resulted in a rebound in some economic activity, but regular exports from Gaza still are not permitted. Standard-of-living measures remain below levels seen in the mid-1990s.

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  Geography (Location, geographic coordinates, map references, area, terrain, elevation extremes, borders, coastline and maritime claims) for Gaza Strip
  Climate and Environment (climate, environmental issues, environmental agreements, natural hazards) for Gaza Strip
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  Poverty Line, Gini Index, Household Income and Consumption for Gaza Strip
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