Bouvet Island Economic Statistics and Indicators

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National or Regional Currency: Norwegian Krone, NOK
Year of data: 2015 › Change year
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Full Dataset: From Year 1980 to 2019
Date of Last Update: 17th March 2015
Population: uninhabited
Area: total: 49 sq km ; land: 49 sq km ; water: 0 sq km
Natural Resources: none

no economic activity; declared a nature reserve

Economic Indicators for Bouvet Island 2015

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* Source: IMF
Aggregate Indicators for Bouvet Island
  Geography (Location, geographic coordinates, map references, area, terrain, elevation extremes, borders, coastline and maritime claims) for Bouvet Island
  Climate and Environment (climate, environmental issues, environmental agreements, natural hazards) for Bouvet Island
  Natural Resources, Agricultural Products, Land Use and Water Use for Bouvet Island
  Nationality, Ethnic Groups, Languages and Religions for Bouvet Island
  Telephone Statistics: Number of Fixed Lines, Mobile Phone Penetration Rate for Bouvet Island
  Age Structure, Median Age, Gender and Urbanization for Bouvet Island
  Population Growth Rate, Birth Rate, Death Rate, Net Migration Rate for Bouvet Island
  Life Expectancy Rate, Infant Mortality Rate and Total Fertility Rate for Bouvet Island
  HIV, AIDS and Other Major Infectious Disease Rates for Bouvet Island
  Literacy Rate, Educational Expenditure and School Life Expectancy for Bouvet Island
  Gross Domestic Product (PPP, Official Exchange Rate, Real Growth Rate and Per Capita) for Bouvet Island
  Industries and Industrial Growth Production Rate for Bouvet Island
  Labor Force by Occupation for Bouvet Island
  Poverty Line, Gini Index, Household Income and Consumption for Bouvet Island
  National Budget and Public Debt for Bouvet Island
  Bank Rates (Commercial Bank Prime Lending Rate, Central Bank Discount Rate) for Bouvet Island
  Stock of Money, Stock of Quasi Money, Stock of Domestic Credit for Bouvet Island
  Stock Market Capitalization: Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares for Bouvet Island
  Trade Statistics, Export Statistics, Export Partners and Products, Import Statistics, Import Partners and Products for Bouvet Island
  Foreign Exchange Reserves and Gold Reserves for Bouvet Island
  FDI Statistics (Foreign Direct Investment at Home/ Inbound FDI, Foreign Direct Investment Abroad/ Outbound FDI) for Bouvet Island
  Exchange Rate Statistics for Bouvet Island
  Electricity Production, Electricity Consumption, Electricity Exports and Electricity Imports for Bouvet Island
  Oil Production, Proven Oil Reserves, Oil Consumption, Oil Exports and Oil Imports for Bouvet Island
  Natural Gas Production, Proven Natural Gas Reserves, Natural Gas Consumption, Natural Gas Exports and Natural Gas Imports for Bouvet Island
  Television and Radio Statistics (TV Stats, Radio Stats) for Bouvet Island
  Internet Statistics (Internet Users, Internet Hosts, Country TLD) for Bouvet Island
  Airport Statistics (Paved Runway Airports, Unpaved Runway Airports, Heliports) for Bouvet Island
  Transport Statistics (Railways, Roadways, Waterways, Ports and Terminals, Airports, Merchant Marine) for Bouvet Island
  Military Statistics (Military Expenditure, Military Branches, Service Age and Obligation, Manpower Available and Fit for Military Service) for Bouvet Island
  Disputes, Refugees, Human Trafficking and Illicit Drug Production for Bouvet Island
* Source: CIA