China Railway Group

July 16, 2010China Companiesby EconomyWatch


China Railway Engineering Corporation or China Railway Group is engaged in a wide area of businesses including construction, installation, surveying, designing, Research and Development, capital management and technical consulting. China Railway Group is ranked #654 on 2008 Forbes Global 2000 list.
China Railway Group is owned and under operational control of government of People's Republic of China. It is listed in Shanghai (SSE: 601390) and Hong Kong (SEHK: 390) stock exchanges.

Brief history
China Railway Group was founded as a joint stock company with limited liability in accordance with People's Republic of China laws on 12th September, 2007. It is presently a large amalgamated construction group that include construction, engineering equipment manufacturing and property development.

China Railway Group has 46 subsidiary companies, including 28 fully owned companies. 15 holding subsidiaries, 4 branch companies and 3 joint venture subsidiaries are part of China Railway Group. In 2006, it was identified as third largest construction company in world.

Products and services
Railway construction forms core business of China Railway Group. It is biggest railway construction contractor in mainland China. All major Chinese railway lines like Chengdu-Kunming (one of the more geographically challenging railway lines) railway, Qinghai- Tibet (highest railway line in world) railway and Datong-Qinhuangdao (longest heavy duty railway line in China) railway was built by China Railway Group. Total line length constructed by this company exceeds 50,000 kilometers. Railway bridges are constructed by this organization. More than 2,700 kilometers of railway bridges are constructed by China Railway Group. 2,800 kilometers of railway tunnels are also constructed.

China Railway Group manufacture signal and communication technologies associated with railways. Major railway stations like Nanjing Railway Station and Beijing Railway Station are constructed by this company.

China Railway Group posted a net profit of about RMB 93 billion in third quarter of 2008. Market capitalization was around RMB 104.35 billion. Total revenues were nearly RMB 73,450 million.

Awards and recognition
China Railway Group was ranked #342 in Fortune Global 500 companies. It is listed #417 in World's Most Influential Brands and ranked #13 in China's Top 500 Enterprises.

Current financial crisis
China Railway Group suffered considerable foreign exchange losses totaling US $325 million due to 2008 financial crisis. Prices of stocks have also gone down.

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