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Coverage: Worldwide, by country, economic region and geographical region
Years Covered: From 1980 to 2019 forecasts
Indicators: 199 indicators are currently featured
Data Sources: IMF, World Bank, UN, OECD, CIA World Factbook, Internet World Statistics, The Heritage Foundation and Transparency International
Last Updated: 17th March 2015

In all, over 1,000 economic indicators exist for the roughly 250 countries and geographic, economic or political country blocs that exist. These indicators are tracked on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis for the most part, although some indicators such as stock market valuations and currency exchange rates fluctuate continuously during market opening times. Figures tracked range from GDP, inflation and debt levels to number of Facebook users, transparency, and the price of uranium!

How Economic Statistics Are Compiled

Most official economic statistics are compiled at a national level. For example, GDP and employment data is based government tax receipts, inflation is calculated by analyzing changes in the prices of baskets of goods at either wholesale or retail prices, interest rates, exchange rates and money supply are calculated by central banks, and trade figures are normally logged by customs and excise.

These figures are normally calculated in local currency. Intergovernmental agencies then seek to reconcile statistics into comparable datasets, usually by looking to ensure that the same calculation methodology has been used, and converting monetary figures into US $ figures as the de facto world currency, either using current or nominal exchange rates, or based on purchasing power parity. seeks to find the most authoritative data source for each country or indicator.

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