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Economic Data for Year: 2012
Countries Included: All world countries, economic regions, geographical regions
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Data Sources: IMF, World Bank, UN, OECD, CIA World Factbook, Internet World Statistics, The Heritage Foundation and Transparency International
Last Updated: 6th May 2013

This page is a gateway for all economic indicators for all countries and regions in the world for the year 2012.

In 2012. World gdp was US$ 71,707.30 Billion, which represented growth of 3.152 % over 2011. Average gdp was US$ 381.42 Billion.

For the year 2012, global inflation was running at 3.916 %, investment as a % of world GDP was 23.56 %, gross national savings as a % of world GDP was 23.914 %, and the current account balance of all countries stood at US$ 336.273 Billion of global GDP.

Country Listing in Year 2012
  Country GDP
(US Billions)
GDP Growth
  Afghanistan $19.906 10.214%  
  World Average $381.42 3.52%  
  Algeria $207.794 2.53%  
  Angola $118.719 8.413%  
  Antigua and Barbuda $1.176 1.586%  
  Argentina $474.954 1.899%  
  Armenia $10.066 7.18%  
  Australia $1,541.80 3.579%  
  Austria $398.594 0.792%  
  Azerbaijan $68.804 2.163%  
  Bahamas $8.043 2.5%  
  Bahrain $27.026 3.851%  
  Bangladesh $122.724 6.051%  
  Barbados $4.49 0%  
  Belarus $63.259 1.5%  
  Belgium $484.692 -0.2%  
  Belize $1.554 5.289%  
  Benin $7.429 3.846%  
  Bhutan $2.196 9.715%  
  Bolivia $27.429 5.24%  
  Bosnia and Herzegovina $17.326 -0.7%  
  Botswana $17.624 3.822%  
  Brazil $2,395.97 0.872%  
  Brunei Darussalam $16.628 1.295%  
  Bulgaria $51.02 0.775%  
  Burkina Faso $10.464 8.006%  
  Burundi $2.475 4.003%  
  Cambodia $14.241 6.451%  
  Cameroon $25.005 4.741%  
  Canada $1,819.08 1.837%  
  Cape Verde $1.899 4.292%  
  Central African Republic $2.172 4.113%  
  Chad $10.806 5.038%  
  Chile $268.177 5.472%  
  China $8,227.04 7.8%  
  Colombia $366.02 4.004%  
  Comoros $0.6 2.45%  
  Congo $17.703 7.107%  
  Congo, Republic of $13.692 3.832%  
  Costa Rica $45.134 5%  
  Croatia $57.102 -1.976%  
  Cyprus $23.006 -2.425%  
  Czech Republic $196.072 -1.249%  
  Denmark $313.637 -0.57%  
  Djibouti $1.354 4.841%  
  Dominica $0.497 0.447%  
  Dominican Republic $58.996 3.888%  
  Ecuador $80.927 4.974%  
  Egypt $256.729 2.215%  
  El Salvador $23.816 1.6%  
  Equatorial Guinea $17.206 2.031%  
  Eritrea $3.092 7.019%  
  Estonia $21.863 3.224%  
  Ethiopia $41.906 7%  
  Fiji $3.996 2.08%  
  Finland $250.126 -0.209%  
  France $2,608.70 0.03%  
  Gabon $18.376 6.209%  
  Gambia $0.918 3.949%  
  Georgia $15.934 6.547%  
  Germany $3,400.58 0.865%  
  Ghana $38.939 6.975%  
  Greece $249.201 -6.383%  
  Grenada $0.79 -0.818%  
  Guatemala $49.88 3%  
  Guinea $5.632 3.944%  
  Guinea Bissau $0.87 -1.452%  
  Guyana $2.788 3.349%  
  Haiti $7.902 2.822%  
  Honduras $18.388 3.3%  
  Hong Kong $263.021 1.442%  
  Hungary $126.873 -1.659%  
  Iceland $13.654 1.639%  
  India $1,824.83 3.986%  
  Indonesia $878.198 6.226%  
  Iran $548.895 -1.875%  
  Iraq $212.501 8.428%  
  Ireland $210.416 0.938%  
  Israel $240.894 3.104%  
  Ivory Coast $24.627 9.838%  
  Italy $2,014.08 -2.369%  
  Jamaica $15.249 0.08%  
  Japan $5,963.97 1.996%  
  Jordan $31.209 2.8%  
  Kazakhstan $196.419 5.043%  
  Kenya $41.117 4.7%  
  Kiribati $0.173 2.5%  
  Korea $1,155.87 2.022%  
  Kosovo $6.247 2.146%  
  Kuwait $173.424 5.082%  
  Kyrgyzstan $6.473 -0.9%  
  Laos $9.217 8.313%  
  Latvia $28.38 5.578%  
  Lebanon $41.345 1.5%  
  Lesotho $2.439 3.997%  
  Liberia $1.735 8.345%  
  Libya $81.915 104.483%  
  Lithuania $42.164 3.617%  
  Luxembourg $56.738 0.112%  
  Macedonia $9.676 -0.267%  
  Madagascar $10.117 1.903%  
  Malawi $4.212 1.886%  
  Malaysia $303.527 5.613%  
  Maldives $2.209 3.498%  
  Mali $10.319 -1.188%  
  Malta $8.689 0.818%  
  Mauritania $4.199 6.36%  
  Mauritius $11.466 3.295%  
  Mexico $1,177.12 3.947%  
  Micronesia $0.327 1.424%  
  Moldova $7.252 -0.82%  
  Mongolia $10.258 12.283%  
  Montenegro $4.28 0.032%  
  Morocco $97.53 2.992%  
  Marshall Islands $0.182 1.87%  
  Mozambique $14.6 7.5%  
  Myanmar $53.14 6.302%  
  Namibia $12.299 4.043%  
  Nepal $19.415 4.634%  
  Netherlands $773.116 -0.884%  
  New Zealand $169.68 2.537%  
  Nicaragua $10.506 5.205%  
  Niger $6.575 11.237%  
  Nigeria $268.708 6.332%  
  Norway $501.101 2.994%  
  Oman $76.464 5.019%  
  Pakistan $231.879 3.675%  
  Panama $36.253 10.671%  
  Papua New Guinea $15.786 9.086%  
  Paraguay $25.999 -1.2%  
  Peru $199.003 6.278%  
  Philippines $250.436 6.591%  
  Poland $487.674 2.045%  
  Portugal $212.72 -3.168%  
  Qatar $183.378 6.576%  
  Romania $169.384 0.327%  
  Russia $2,021.96 3.4%  
  Rwanda $7.223 7.688%  
  Saint Kitts and Nevis $0.734 -0.858%  
  Saint Lucia $1.22 -0.43%  
  Samoa $0.683 1.203%  
  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $0.712 0.508%  
  San Marino $1.855 -3.98%  
  Sao Tome and Principe $0.264 4%  
  Saudi Arabia $727.307 6.806%  
  Senegal $13.864 3.539%  
  Serbia $37.399 -1.757%  
  Seychelles $1.031 2.769%  
  Sierra Leone $3.777 19.771%  
  Singapore $276.52 1.319%  
  Slovakia $91.916 2.027%  
  Slovenia $45.617 -2.337%  
  Solomon Islands $1.01 5.485%  
  South Africa $384.315 2.548%  
  Spain $1,352.06 -1.419%  
  Sri Lanka $59.408 6.41%  
  Sudan $59.941 -4.401%  
  Suriname $4.738 4.468%  
  Swaziland $3.751 -1.494%  
  Sweden $526.192 1.197%  
  Switzerland $632.4 0.98%  
  Syria $n/a n/a%  
  Taiwan $473.971 1.257%  
  Tajikistan $7.592 7.5%  
  Tanzania $28.247 6.859%  
  Thailand $365.564 6.435%  
  Timor Leste (East Timor) $4.173 10%  
  Togo $3.685 5.025%  
  Tonga $0.476 1.384%  
  Trinidad and Tobago $25.277 0.408%  
  Tunisia $45.611 3.6%  
  Turkey $794.468 2.619%  
  Turkmenistan $33.679 10.966%  
  Tuvalu $0.037 1.214%  
  Uganda $21.002 2.568%  
  Ukraine $176.235 0.151%  
  United Arab Emirates $358.94 3.909%  
  United Kingdom $2,440.51 0.166%  
  United States $15,684.75 2.211%  
  Uruguay $49.404 3.8%  
  Uzbekistan $51.168 7.997%  
  Vanuatu $0.783 2.672%  
  Venezuela $382.424 5.541%  
  Vietnam $138.071 5.02%  
  Yemen $35.641 0.137%  
  Zambia $20.517 7.334%  
  Zimbabwe $9.802 4.423%  
  the World $71,707.30 3.152%  
  Advanced Economies $44,417.08 1.249%  
  Euro Area $12,197.53 -0.578%  
  Major advanced economies (G7) $33,931.66 1.449%  
  Other Advanced Economies (Excluding G7 and Eurozone) $6,306.67 1.823%  
  European Union $16,584.01 -0.24%  
  Emerging and Developing Economies $27,290.22 5.061%  
  Sub Saharan African $1,273.42 4.786%  
  Central and Eastern Europe $1,844.68 1.614%  
  Developing Asia $12,324.73 6.639%  
  Western Hemisphere $5,765.56 2.999%  
  Middle East $3,171.20 4.815%  
  Commonwealth of Independent States $2,658.84 3.363%  
  ASEAN 5 $1,935.80 6.097%  
  South Sudan $12.202 -52.983%  
  Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan $3,422.99 4.731%  
* Source: IMF
  Other Countries
  Akrotiri n/a  
  American Samoa n/a  
  Andorra n/a  
  Anguilla n/a  
  Antarctica n/a  
  Aruba n/a  
  Ashmore and Cartier Islands n/a  
  Bermuda n/a  
  Bouvet Island n/a  
  British Indian Ocean Territory n/a  
  British Virgin Islands n/a  
  Cayman Islands n/a  
  Christmas Island n/a  
  Clipperton Island n/a  
  Cocos Islands n/a  
  Cook Islands n/a  
  Coral Sea Islands n/a  
  Cuba n/a  
  Curacao n/a  
  Dhekelia n/a  
  Falkland Islands n/a  
  Faroe Islands n/a  
  French Polynesia n/a  
  French Southern and Antarctic Lands n/a  
  Gaza Strip n/a  
  Gibraltar n/a  
  Greenland n/a  
  Guam n/a  
  Guernsey n/a  
  Heard Island and McDonald Islands n/a  
  Isle of Man n/a  
  Jan Mayen n/a  
  Jersey n/a  
  Liechtenstein n/a  
  Macau n/a  
  Monaco n/a  
  Montserrat n/a  
  Nauru n/a  
  Navassa Island n/a  
  New Caledonia n/a  
  Niue n/a  
  Norfolk Island n/a  
  North Korea n/a  
  Northern Mariana Islands n/a  
  Palau n/a  
  Paracel Islands n/a  
  Pitcairn Islands n/a  
  Puerto Rico n/a  
  Reunion n/a  
  Saint Barthelemy n/a  
  Saint Helena n/a  
  Saint Martin n/a  
  Saint Pierre and Miquelon n/a  
  Sint Maarten n/a  
  Somalia n/a  
  South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands n/a  
  Spratly Islands n/a  
  Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands n/a  
  Tokelau n/a  
  Turks and Caicos Islands n/a  
  United States Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges n/a  
  US Virgin Islands n/a  
  Vatican City n/a  
  Wake Island n/a  
  Wallis and Futuna Islands n/a  
  West Bank n/a  
  Western Sahara n/a  
* Source: CIA
Economic Indicator Listing for Year 2012
  GDP Growth (Constant Prices, National Currency)
  GDP Growth (Constant Prices, US Dollars)
  GDP (Current Prices, US Dollars)
  GDP Deflator
  Output Gap, Percent of Potential GDP
  GDP (PPP), US Dollars
  GDP Per Capita (PPP), US Dollars
  GDP Share of World Total (PPP)
  Investment (% of GDP)
  Gross National Savings (% of GDP)
  Inflation (Average Consumer Price Change %)
  Inflation (End of Year Change %)
  Unemployment Rate (% of Labour Force)
  General government revenue (% of GDP)
  General government total expenditure (% of GDP)
  Total Government Net Lending/ Borrowing (% of GDP)
  General Government Structural Balance (% Potential GDP)
  General Government Balance (% of GDP)
  Total Government Net Debt (% of GDP)
  Total Government Gross Debt (% of GDP)
  Current Account Balance (US Dollars)
  Current Account Balance (% GDP)
  GDP (Constant Prices, National Currency)
  GDP (Current Prices, National Currency)
  GDP Per Capita (Constant Prices, National Currency)
  GDP Per Capita (Current Prices, National Currency)
  GDP Per Capita (Current Prices, US Dollars)
  Implied PPP Conversion Rate
  Inflation, Average Consumer Prices (Indexed to Year 2000)
  Inflation, End of Year (Indexed to Year 2000)
  Six-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) Change %
  Value of Oil Imports
  Value of Oil Exports
  General government revenue (National Currency)
  General government total expenditure (National Currency)
  Total Government Net Lending/ Borrowing (National Currency)
  General Government Structural Balance (National Currency)
  General Government Balance (National Currency)
  Total Government Net Debt (National Currency)
  Total Government Gross Debt (National Currency)
  Fiscal Year Gross Domestic Product, Current Prices
Regional Economic Indicator Listing
  Regional Indicators
  Three-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) Change %
  Trade Volumes, All Trade (Percent Change)
  Import Volume of All Items Including Goods and Services (Percent Change)
  Import Volumes of Goods Only (Percent Change)
  Export Volume of All Items Including Goods and Services (Percent Change)
  Export Volumes of Goods Only (Percent Change)
  Terms of Trade of All Items Including Services and Goods (Percent Change)
  Terms of Trade of Goods (Percent Change)
  Export Prices, All Manufactures (Index, 2000=100, US Dollars)
  Export Price of Manufactures (% Change, US Dollars)
  Imports of Goods and Services (US Dollars)
  Exports of Goods and Services (US Dollars)
  Net Private Financial Flows (US Dollars)
  Other Private Portfolio Flows, Net (US Dollars)
  Direct Investment, Net (US Dollars)
  Private Financial Flows, Net (US Dollars)
  Net Official Flows (US Dollars)
  Change in National Reserves (US Dollars)
  Total External Debt in US Dollars (US$)
  External Debt % GDP (External Debt as a Percentage of GDP)
  External Debt % Exports of Goods and Services (External Debt as a Percentage of Exports of Goods and Services)
  Total External Debt Service in US Dollars (US$)
  Service of External Debt % GDP (External Debt Service as a Percentage of GDP)
  External Debt Servicing as % Exports of Goods and Services (External Debt Service as a Percentage of Exports of Goods and Services)
  Total External Debt Interest in US Dollars (US$)
  Interest on External Debt % GDP (External Debt Interest as a Percentage of GDP)
  Interest on External Debt % Exports of Goods and Services (External Debt Interest as a Percentage of Exports of Goods and Services)
  Total External Debt Amortization in US Dollars (US$)
  Amortization of External Debt % GDP (External Debt Amortization as a Percentage of GDP)
  External Debt Amortized as % Exports of Goods and Services (External Debt Amortization as a Percentage of Exports of Goods and Services)
* Source: IMF
Price Index Indicators Listing
  Price Index
  Commodity Price Index - Includes Both Fuel And Non-Fuel Price Indices
  Commodity Non-Fuel Price Index - Includes Food And Beverages And Industrial Inputs Price Indices
  Industrial Inputs Price Index - Includes Agricultural Raw Materials And Metals Price Indices
  Crude Oil Spot Price Averages ( Petroluem, Apsp): Dated Brent, West Texas Intermediate, And The Dubai Fateh
  Commodity Fuel Index - Includes Crude Oil (Petroleum), Natural Gas, And Coal Price Indices
  Crude Oil (Petroleum) Price Index - Includes Dated Brent, West Texas Intermediate, And The Dubai Fateh
  Natural Gas Price Index - Includes European, Japanese, And American Natural Gas Price Indices
  Russian Natural Gas Price Index - Russian Natural Gas Border Price In Germany
  Indonesian Natural Gas Price Index - Indonesian Liquefied Natural Gas In Japan
  Natural Gas Spot Price Index - At The Henry Hub Terminal In Louisiana
  Coal Price Index - Includes Australian And South African Coal
  Australian Thermal Coal Price Index - 1200- Btu/Pound, Less Than 1% Sulfur, 14% Ash, Fob Newcastle/Port Kembla
  Coal Price Index - South African Export Price
  Food And Beverage Price Index (F&B)- Includes Food And Beverage Price Indices
  Food Price Index - Includes Cereal, Vegetable Oils, Meat, Seafood, Sugar, Bananas, And Oranges Price Indices
  Cereals Price Index - Includes Wheat, Maize (Corn), Rice, And Barley
  Wheat Price Index - No.1 Hard Red Winter, Ordinary Protein, Fob Gulf Of Mexico
  Maize Price Index (Corn) - U.S. No.2 Yellow, Fob Gulf Of Mexico, U.S. Price
  Rice Price Index - 5% Broken Milled White Rice, Thailand Nominal Price Quote
  Barley Price Index - Canadian No.1 Western Barley, Spot Price
  Vegetable Oil Index - Includes Soybean, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Fishmeal, And Groundnut Price Indices
  Soybeans Price Index - U.S. Soybeans, Chicago Soybean Futures Contract (First Contract Forward) No. 2 Yellow And Par
  Soybean Meal Price Index - Chicago Soybean Meal Futures (First Contract Forward) Minimum 48 Percent Protein
  Soybean Oil Price Index - Chicago Soybean Oil Futures (First Contract Forward) Exchange Approved Grades
  Rapeseed Oil Price Index - Fob Rotterdam
  Palm Oil Price Index - Malaysia Palm Oil Futures (First Contract Forward) 4-5 Percent FFA
  Sunflower Oil Price Index - US Export Price From Gulf Of Mexico
  Olive Oil Price Index - Extra Virgin Less Than 1% Free Fatty Acid, Ex-Tanker Price U.K.
  Fishmeal Price Index - Peru Fish Meal/Pellets 65% Protein, Cif
  Groundnuts Price Index (Peanuts) - 40/50 (40 To 50 Count Per Ounce), Cif Argentina
  Meat Price Index - Includes Beef, Lamb, Swine (Pork), And Poultry Price Indices
  Beef Price Index - Australian And New Zealand 85% Lean Fores, Fob U.S. Import Price
  Lamb Price Index - Frozen Carcass Smithfield London
  Swine Price Index (Pork) - 51-52% Lean Hogs, U.S. Price
  Poultry Price Index (Chicken) - Whole Bird Spot Price, Georgia Docks
  Seafood Index - Includes Fish (Salmon) And Shrimp Price Indices
  Fish Price Index (Salmon) - Farm Bred Norwegian Salmon, Export Price
  Shrimp Price Index - Frozen Shell-On Headless, Block 16/20 Count, Indian Origin, C&F Japan
  Commodity Sugar Index - Includes European, Free Market, And U.S. Price Indices
  CSCE Sugar Price Index - Free Market, Coffee Sugar And Cocoa Exchange (CSCE) Contract No.11 Nearest Future Position
  Sugar Price Index - U.S. Import Price, Contract No.14 Nearest Futures Position
  Europe Sugar Price Index - CIF Europe
  Bananas Price Index - Central American And Ecuador, Fob U.S. Ports
  Oranges Price Index - Miscellaneous Oranges French Import Price
  Beverage Price Index - Includes Coffee, Tea, And Cocoa
  Coffee Price Index - Includes Other Mild Arabicas And Robusta
  ICO Coffee Price Index - Other Mild Arabicas, International Coffee Organization New York Cash Price, Ex-Dock New York
  New York Coffee Price Index - Robusta, International Coffee Organization New York Cash Price, Ex-Dock New York
  Cocoa Beans Price Index - International Cocoa Organization Cash Price, Cif Us And European Ports
  Tea Price Index - Mombasa, Kenya, Auction Price
  Agricultural Raw Materials Index - Includes Timber, Cotton, Wool, Rubber, And Hides Price Indices
  Timber Index - Includes Hardwood And Softwood Price Indices
  Hardwood Price Index - Includes Hardwood Logs And Hardwood Sawn Price Indices
  Hard Logs Price Index - Best Quality Malaysian Meranti, Import Price Japan
  Hard Sawnwood Price Index - Dark Red Meranti, Select And Better Quality, C&F U.K Port
  Commodity Softwood Index - Includes Softwood Sawn And Softwood Logs Price Indices
  Soft Logs Price Index - Average Export Price From The U.S. For Douglas Fir
  Soft Sawnwood Price Index - Average Export Price Of Douglas Fir, U.S. Price
  Cotton Price Index - Cotton Outlook `A Index`, Middling 1-3/32 Inch Staple, Cif Liverpool
  Wool Index - Includes Coarse And Fine Wool Price Indices
  Fine Wool Price Index - 19 Micron, Australian Wool Exchange Spot Quote
  Coarse Wool Price Index - 23 Micron, Australian Wool Exchange Spot Quote
  Rubber Price Index - No.1 Rubber Smoked Sheet, Fob Malaysian/Singapore
  Hides Price Index - Heavy Native Steers, Over 53 Pounds, Wholesale Dealer`S Price
  Metals Price Index - Includes Copper, Aluminum, Iron Ore, Tin, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, And Uranium Price Indices
  Copper Price Index - Grade A Cathode, Lme Spot Price, Cif European Ports
  Aluminum Price Index - 99.5% Minimum Purity, Lme Spot Price, Cif Uk Ports
  Iron Ore Price Index - 67.55% Iron Content, Fine, Contract Price To Europe, Fob Ponta Da Madeira
  Tin Price Index - Standard Grade, Lme Spot Price
  Nickel Price Index - Melting Grade, Lme Spot Price, Cif European Ports
  Zinc Price Index - High Grade 98% Pure
  Lead Price Index - 99.97% Pure, LME Spot Price, CIF European Ports
  Uranium Price Index - U3O8 Restricted Price, Nuexco Exchange Spot
* Source: IMF
Year Listing
  Economic Indicators for Year 2018 (Forecast)
  Economic Indicators for Year 2017 (Forecast)
  Economic Indicators for Year 2016 (Forecast)
  Economic Indicators for Year 2015 (Forecast)
  Economic Indicators for Year 2014 (Forecast)
  Economic Indicators for Year 2013 (Current)
Economic Indicators for Year 2012
  Economic Indicators for Year 2011
  Economic Indicators for Year 2010
  Economic Indicators for Year 2009
  Economic Indicators for Year 2008
  Economic Indicators for Year 2007
  Economic Indicators for Year 2006
  Economic Indicators for Year 2005
  Economic Indicators for Year 2004
  Economic Indicators for Year 2003
  Economic Indicators for Year 2002
  Economic Indicators for Year 2001
  Economic Indicators for Year 2000
  Economic Indicators for Year 1999
  Economic Indicators for Year 1998
  Economic Indicators for Year 1997
  Economic Indicators for Year 1996
  Economic Indicators for Year 1995
  Economic Indicators for Year 1994
  Economic Indicators for Year 1993
  Economic Indicators for Year 1992
  Economic Indicators for Year 1991
  Economic Indicators for Year 1990
  Economic Indicators for Year 1989
  Economic Indicators for Year 1988
  Economic Indicators for Year 1987
  Economic Indicators for Year 1986
  Economic Indicators for Year 1985
  Economic Indicators for Year 1984
  Economic Indicators for Year 1983
  Economic Indicators for Year 1982
  Economic Indicators for Year 1981
  Economic Indicators for Year 1980
Aggregate Indicators and Data Points Listing
  Aggregate Indicators
  Geography (Location, geographic coordinates, map references, area, terrain, elevation extremes, borders, coastline and maritime claims)
  Natural Resources, Agricultural Products, Land Use and Water Use
  Climate and Environment (climate, environmental issues, environmental agreements, natural hazards)
  Age Structure, Median Age, Gender and Urbanization
  Population Growth Rate, Birth Rate, Death Rate, Net Migration Rate
  Life Expectancy Rate, Infant Mortality Rate and Total Fertility Rate
  HIV, AIDS and Other Major Infectious Disease Rates
  Nationality, Ethnic Groups, Languages and Religions
  Literacy Rate, Educational Expenditure and School Life Expectancy
  Gross Domestic Product (PPP, Official Exchange Rate, Real Growth Rate and Per Capita)
  Labor Force by Occupation
  Poverty Line, Gini Index, Household Income and Consumption
  National Budget and Public Debt
  Bank Rates (Commercial Bank Prime Lending Rate, Central Bank Discount Rate)
  Stock of Money, Stock of Quasi Money, Stock of Domestic Credit
  Stock Market Capitalization: Market Value of Publicly Traded Shares
  Industries and Industrial Growth Production Rate
  Electricity Production, Electricity Consumption, Electricity Exports and Electricity Imports
  Oil Production, Proven Oil Reserves, Oil Consumption, Oil Exports and Oil Imports
  Natural Gas Production, Proven Natural Gas Reserves, Natural Gas Consumption, Natural Gas Exports and Natural Gas Imports
  Trade Statistics, Export Statistics, Export Partners and Products, Import Statistics, Import Partners and Products
  Foreign Exchange Reserves and Gold Reserves
  FDI Statistics (Foreign Direct Investment at Home/ Inbound FDI, Foreign Direct Investment Abroad/ Outbound FDI)
  Exchange Rate Statistics
  Telephone Statistics: Number of Fixed Lines, Mobile Phone Penetration Rate
  Television and Radio Statistics (TV Stats, Radio Stats)
  Internet Statistics (Internet Users, Internet Hosts, Country TLD)
  Airport Statistics (Paved Runway Airports, Unpaved Runway Airports, Heliports)
  Transport Statistics (Railways, Roadways, Waterways, Ports and Terminals, Airports, Merchant Marine)
  Military Statistics (Military Expenditure, Military Branches, Service Age and Obligation, Manpower Available and Fit for Military Service)
  Disputes, Refugees, Human Trafficking and Illicit Drug Production
* Source: CIA
Internet Indicators Listing
  Number of Internet Users
  Internet Penetration Rate
  Number of Facebook Accounts
  Facebook Penetration Rate
* Source: IWS
Economic Freedom Indicators Listing
  Economic Freedom World Rank
  Economic Freedom Regional Ranking
  Business Freedom
  Trade Freedom
  Fiscal Freedom
  Government Spending
  Monetary Freedom
  Investment Freedom
  Financial Freedom
  Property Rights
  Freedom from Corruption
  Labor Freedom
  Tariff Rate
  Income Tax Rate
  Corporate Tax Rate
  Tax Burden % of GDP
  Government Expenditure % of GDP
* Source: HFO
Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score Listing
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2010
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2009
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2008
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2007
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2006
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2005
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2004
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2003
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2002
  Corruption Perceptions Index Rank and Score for Year 2001
* Source: TIO