Economy of Wisconsin State


Demography And Social Indicators

Wisconsin is an upper midwestern state of the United States being bordered by Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Lake Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa and Minnesota, with the Mississippi R.The state has a total geographical area of 65,498 sq mi; with a land area of 54,310 sq mi; and total acres forested 16.0 mil.
Food processing and the manufacturing of machinery are the important contributors to the state's economy.

Demography And Social Indicators
The estimated population in the state as of 2005 is 5,536,201 in comparison to 5,509,026 in July 2004. Net change in the population of the state 2002-03 is 0.6%.

According to the US Census 2000, the population was 5,363,675. The population density in the state is 100.8 per sq mi.

With regards to the Racial Distribution 2000, White 88.9%; Black 5.7%; Asian 1.7%; Native American 0.9%.

Business and Economy of Wisconsin
The Gross state product in the state as of 2001 was $177.4 billion. The per capita personal income in 2003 was $30,898.

Among the various sectors in the economy, Chief Industries of the state are services, manufacturing, trade, manufacturing, government, agriculture and tourism.

Important manufacturing goods in the state are food products, motor vehicles and equipment, paper products, medical instruments and supplies, printing and plastic.

Major Crops in the state are corn, hay, soybeans, potatoes, cranberries, sweet corn, peas, and oats, snap beets.

Livestock (Jan 2004): 3.35 mil Cattle/calves; 83,000 sheep/lambs; (Jan 2003): 490,000 hogs/pigs; (Dec 2003): 5.5 million chickens.

Energy Production In Wisconsin
(est. 2003, kwh by source): Coal 40.7 billion,
Electricity Production petroleum 183 mil; Gas 1.1 billion; Hydroelectric 1.7 billion; Nuclear 12.2 billion; Other 326 million.

Tourist Attraction Of Wisconsin
The important tourist places in the state are as follows

  • Old Wade House and Carriage Museum, Green Bush;
  • Villa Louis, Prairie du Chien;
  • Circus World Museum, Baraboo;
  • Wisconsin Dells;
  • Old World, Wisconsin, Eagle;
  • House on the Rock, Dodgeville;
  • Monona Terrace, Madison.

Colleges, Schools and Universities In Wisconsin

  • Beloit College
  • Carroll College (Wisconsin)
  • Carthage College
  • Concordia University Wisconsin
  • Edgewood College
  • Lakeland College
  • Lawrence University
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Milton College
  • Mount Marry College
  • Northland Baptist Bible College
  • Northland College (Wisconsin)
  • Ripon College (Wisconsin)
  • University of Wisconsin Colleges
  • University of Wisconsin System
  • University of Wisconsin-Barron County
  • University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • University of Wisconsin-Extension
  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • University of Wisconsin-Marathon County
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • University of Wisconsin-Park side
  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • University of Wisconsin-Rock County
  • Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

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