Slovenia Import and Export


Though the country has trade deficit over the years, still the gap is marked very less.

Major exportable commodities of the country are Chemicals, foods and manufactured goods. Exports partners of Slovenia are Austria, Croatia, Germany and Italy.

Important importable commodities are machines, chemicals, fuels and food. Country's imports partners are Austria, France and Italy.

The levels of exports and imports of the country are as follows:

Overall trade performance of the country is as follows:

Foreign Trade 2000 2003 2004 Merchandise trade (% of GDP) 98.9 95.9 102.6 Foreign direct investment, net inflows (BoP, current US$) 135.9 million 333.2 million 827.2 million Agriculture, value added (% of GDP) 3.2 2.7 .. Industry, value added (% of GDP) 37.5 36.8 .. Services, etc., value added (% of GDP) 59.2 60.6 ..


Slovenia is a founding member of World Trade Organization. It joined CEFTA in 1996 and EU in 2004. The World Bank has stepped forward with its policy advices for Slovenia as it joined in 1993.