Paraguay Export, Import and Trade


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Paraguay trade of soybean

Paraguay import of soybean is supposed to increase to a significant extent, if Paraguay export, import and trade news are to be believed. This has happened owing to drought in Paraguay.

European Union and Paraguay export, import and trade talks

In recent times authorities in European Union and Central America have been in talks regarding establishment of a platform that would enable them to carry on interaction at an economic level like trading activities for one. Paraguay is an important one in this regard.

Argentina and Paraguay trade of wheat

Argentina is among leading producer of wheat. Among its primary export partners is Southern Common Market, or Mercosur, which includes Paraguay among its prominent members.

Japan and Paraguay trade

Normally major export items of North Korea are minerals, textiles, metallurgical products, agricultural and fishery products and manufactures, which includes armaments.

Chile and Paraguay trade of beef

As per Paraguay export, import and trade data it has become a major trading partner of beef. It happened when Uruguay, which was another former major beef trading partner of Chile, increased price of its exports and supplies were restricted from Brazil and Argentina.

Brazil and Paraguay trade of furniture

As per latest information from Paraguay import and export sector it is a major importer of furniture made by leading companies in Brazil. Among other names in this regard are USA, Mexico and Canada.

Importance of soy

Soy has been a major name in context of Paraguay export. In 2007 fiscal export of soy increased and became equivalent to 50 percent of aggregate exports of Paraguay for that fiscal.

Paraguay import and export 2008

In fiscal 2008 aggregate financial worth of goods and services exported by Paraguay was $6.901 billion. Its major export items are soybeans, edible oils, feed, electricity, cotton, wood, meat and leather.

At that same time total financial worth of all goods and services imported by Paraguay was $7.351 billion. Its major import commodities were road vehicles, electrical machinery, consumer goods, tractors, tobacco, chemicals, petroleum products and vehicle parts.