Lithuania Export Import, Export Import in Lithuania, Lithuania Foreign Trade.



Lithuania has experienced both trade deficit as well as Balance Of Payment deficit over the years.

Major Exports of the country are food, manufactures and live animals. Its exports partners are North America and South African Custom Union.

Important Importable commodities in the country are food, vehicle, machines and petroleum products. Its important imports partner is mainly Asian country.

The following diagram shows the levels of exports and imports of the country:

Export and Import

Overall Exports and Imports in the country is as follows:

Foreign Trade 2000 2003 2004 Merchandise trade (% of GDP) 81.4 93.0 96.8 Foreign direct investment, net inflows (BoP, current US$) 379.0 million 179.0 million 773.2 million Long-term debt (DOD, current US$) 3.4 billion 4.1 billion 5.7 billion Exports of goods and services (% of GDP) 44.9 51.4 54.3 Imports of goods and services (% of GDP) 51.2 56.8 61.3


Lithuania joined the World Bank in the year 1992. Since then the World Bank has helped the country in establishing market economic base.