Kiribati Import and Export


Kiribati has suffered from a balance of payment deficit over the years.

Major exportable commodities of the country are fish, seaweed and copra. Its partners are Japan, US and Thailand.Important importable commodities are machines, fuel and manufactured goods.

Imports partners are Fiji, Japan, France and Australia.

The following table shows the country's trade scenario that is the total exports and imports as the percentage of total GDP over the years.

(Trade % of GDP) 2000 Exports of goods and services (% of GDP) 26.6 Imports of goods and services (% of GDP) ) 67.0




Skilled manpower, lack of infrastructure and remoteness from international market have hindered the economic development of the country over the years.

The financial sector is in infancy in the country as the participation of private sector has just started. Financial Aids from Japan, Australia, UK and China have helped a lot for economic development of the country.