Israel Export, Import and Trade


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Economic importance of Israel trade

National economy of Israel is dependent heavily on Israel export, import and trade as far as sustenance is concerned. This is especially true in case of Israel export. As of now national leaders are looking to reconstruct state economy and a major part of their plans revolves around strengthening Israel import and export.

Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is a major name in context of Israel export, import and trade. It is assisted by Israel government in conjunction with 2,600 member companies as well as other establishments belonging to private sector of Israel business world.

Over years, it has played a major role in developing relations between international business houses and Israel exporters. It provides a variety of services to business organizations in that country with aim of assisting them with export.

Israel arms export to Georgia and Russia

Georgia used to be a major Israel export partner as far as arms and ammunitions are concerned. However, these Israel export, import and trade dealings had to be stopped so that its relations with Russia were not affected in process. Russia presently imports unmanned aircrafts from Israel.

Israel exports to Arab countries

As per latest reports on Israel export sector its exports to countries in Arabian region have been going down at a startling rate. This is especially true of first quarter of 2009 fiscal. This news has been confirmed by Manufacturers Association of Israel.

Turkey and Israel export and import

Israel is among major export destinations as far as Turkey is concerned. Among major goods imported by Israel from Turkey is salt, which has a big market in that country. In 2008 fiscal Turkey exported almost 200,000 tons of iron, used in construction.

However, recently Israeli government has issued an investigation into steel that is being imported from Turkey. Even though Turkish authorities are terming this as a political move Israeli authorities have upheld price as main reason behind this particular move.

Yehuda Steel Inc. and Hod Asaf Industries Inc., a couple of iron and steel companies in Israel, have applied Israeli iron and steel industry to look into this matter as at present import regulations are not exactly viable for Israeli iron and steel companies.