Greenland Export, Import and Trade



The fishing industry - the most important for Greenland - was worth around 82% of all export in 2007 - DKK 1.9 billion. Prawn products accounted for the majority, approximately 59% or DKK 1.1 billion. Other financially important fish products include Greenland halibut products, approxi-mately 23% or DKK 442 million; cod products, approximately 9.5% or DKK 180 million; crabs, 1.9% or DKK 37 million; scallops, 1.4% or DKK 27 million; and spawn, 1.3% or DKK 25 million. Other fish and fish products represent the remaining 3.9%.

Export of raw materials, mainly gold, has increased over the years, amounting to around DKK 232 million in 2007.Export of seal fur coats, sealskin, sheepskin and other skins amo-unted to around DKK 11 million.

Over the years the EU has been Greenland's largest customer by far, with imports (mainly fish products) of approximately 87% in 2007. Of the EU countries, Denmark is by far the largest importer with a total of around 97% or close to DKK 2 billion.

Note: Greenland is a part of Denmark.


Since Greenland has no large-scale industry, it is highly dependent on outside supplies. This includes the import of oil, gas and gasoline, which amounted to around DKK 883 million in 2007, and cars, vehicles, machinery, parts etc., with a value of close to DKK 830 million.

Greenland may be a major food exporter, but these foods are restricted to fish products. The country's limited stock of domestic animals cannot meet demand, and as a result, imports of food and agricultural products amounted to almost DKK 599 million.