Croatia Trade, Exports and Imports


 Croatian trade is characterized by heavy machinery and electrical equipment. Croatia receives much desired foreign currency through substantial amount of exports and is further boosted by a sustained tourism industry.

Croatia Trade

Croatia’s export trade amounted to $10.05 billion in 2010 and the country ranked 80th in the world. However, this figure was down from $14.36 billion in 2008.

Italy is Croatia's primary trade partner, being the largest import and export trade relation. Germany is also a key partner.

Croatia Exports

The major export commodities include transport equipment, machinery, textiles, chemicals, foodstuffs and fuels.

Croatia's primary export partners are  Italy (18.9% of exports), Bosnia and Herzegovina (15.3%), Germany (10.7%), Slovenia (7.7%) and Austria (5.7%).

The following graph shows how the various countries contributed to the total export volume (in percentages):

Croatia's Export partners

Croatia Imports

As for Croatian imports, 2010 import trade was valued at $20.47 billion and ranked the country was the 66th in the world.

Import trade revenues declined from 2008 when import trade was valued at $30.42 billion.

The main import commodities include machinery, transport and electrical equipment; chemicals, fuels and lubricants and foodstuffs.

The primary import partners are Italy (17.1%), Germany (13.4%), Russia (10.5%), China (6.1%), Slovenia (5.6%), Austria (4.9%).

The following graph shows how different countries accounted for the total import volume (in percentages):

Coratia's import partners

Croatia's trade deficit seems to have almost doubled in the recent years, therefors, tourism provides a major pillar in its economy and trade, contributing largely to foreign exchange - balancing the deficit.